Category page

The Category page template is rendered when a user navigates to https://{yoursubdomain}{locale}/categories/{category_id}.

Available properties

You can use the following properties in the Category page template.

categoryobjectA category object
sectionsarrayAn array of section objects
promoted_articlesarrayAn array of promoted article objects
ticket_formsarrayAn array of ticket form objects
help_centerobjectA help_center object that holds information and settings about the current help center
settingsobjectA settings object with custom settings for the current theme
signed_inbooleanWhether the user is logged in or not
featured_postsarrayAn array of featured post objects

Available helpers

You can use the following helpers in this page template. You can also use any built-in helpers, global helpers, or global advanced helpers.

breadcrumbsBreadcrumbs for the current page. See breadcrumbs helper


<nav class="sub-nav sub-nav-far clearfix">  {{breadcrumbs}}  {{search}}</nav>
<h1>{{}}</h1><p class="category-description">{{category.description}}</p><ul>{{#each sections}}  <li class="section-name">    <a href="{{url}}">{{name}}</a>  </li>{{/each}}</ul>