User Profile page

The User Profile page template is rendered when a user navigates to https://{yoursubdomain}{locale}/profiles/{user_id}.

Available properties

descriptionstringThe description of the user
post_countintegerThe number of posts created by the user
comment_countintegerThe number of comments created by the user
vote_countintegerThe number of votes created by the user
article_countintegerThe number of articles created by the user
total_activityintegerThe total number of articles, votes, posts, comments, and subscriptions created by the user
follower_countintegerThe number of followers of the user
following_countintegerThe number of people that this user is following
subscription_countintegerThe number of subscriptions created by the user
member_sincetimestampThe time at which the first contribution has been made by the user
last_activity_attimestampThe time of the last activity of the user
sorter_descriptionstringThe description for each sorter
private_profilebooleanIf the Help Center user profiles setting is private
visiblebooleanWhether the user profiles setting is public. true for private user profiles only if the viewer is the owner of the profile or an is an agent
activitiesarrayAn array of activity objects
current_sorterobjectThe current sorter object
sortersarrayAn array of filter objects for the page. See Sorters below
contributionsarrayThe array of contribution objects
filtersarrayAn array of filter objects for the page
current_filterobjectThe current filter object
userobjectThe user object
signed_inbooleanWhether the user is logged in or not
featured_postsarrayAn array of featured post objects

Available helpers

subscribeA link to follow or unfollow new contributions by this user, See subscribe
actionsA split button menu of possible actions to take on the current user profile, including editing the profile and user badges
editA link to edit the current user profile. Similar to actions but only supports profile editing
paginationPagination links, See pagination helper
change_passwordShow the change password modal. See change_password helper


Iterating through the filters array of filter objects adds the following links in the table below to the page. In the tab names, n is the count.

IdentifierTab Name (en-us)Remarks
activitiesActivity overview
badgesBadges (n)Included if User Badges is enabled.
articlesArticles (n)
posts  Posts (n)Included if Community is enabled
commentsComments (n)Included if Community is enabled


Iterating through the sorters array of filter objects adds the following links to the page:

Link textAction
Recent activitySorts by the most recent activity in descending order. Activity are actions taken on the object, such as creating or updating it
VotesSorts by the highest vote sum in descending order


<header class="profile-header">  <div class="profile-info">    <div class="profile-avatar {{#if user.agent}}profile-avatar-agent{{/if}}">      <img class="avatar" src="{{user.avatar_url}}" alt="Avatar"/>    </div>    <div class="basic-info">      <h1 class="name">        {{#if user.url}}          <a href="{{user.url}}" target="_zendesk_lotus" title="{{t 'open_user_in_support'}}">{{}}</a>        {{else}}          {{}}        {{/if}}      </h1>    </div>    <div class="options">      {{#if private_profile}}        <span class="profile-private-badge">{{t 'private'}}</span>      {{/if}}      {{actions class='user-profile-actions split-button'}}      {{subscribe}}    </div>
    {{#if description}}      <p class="description">{{description}}</p>    {{/if}}
    <ul class="profile-stats profile-stats-activity">      <li class="stat">        <span class="stat-label">{{t 'total_activity'}}</span>        <span class="stat-value">{{total_activity}}</span>      </li>      <li class="stat">        <span class="stat-label">{{t 'last_activity'}}</span>        <span class="stat-value">          {{#if last_activity_at}}            {{date last_activity_at timeago=true}}          {{else}}            {{t 'no_activity_yet'}}          {{/if}}        </span>      </li>      <li class="stat">        <span class="stat-label">{{t 'member_since'}}</span>        <span class="stat-value">          {{#if member_since}}            {{date member_since timeago=true}}          {{else}}            {{t 'no_activity_yet'}}          {{/if}}        </span>      </li>    </ul>  </div>