Request List page

The Request List page template is rendered when a user navigates to https://{yoursubdomain}{locale}/requests.

Available properties

You can use the following properties in the Request List page template.

Name Type Description
filters array An array of filter objects for the page
current_filter object The current filter object
sorters array An array of filter objects for the page. See Sorters below
current_sorter object The current filter object
query string The current search query
requests array An array of request objects
promoted_articles array An array of promoted article objects
ticket_forms array An array of ticket form objects
help_center object A help_center object that holds information and settings about the current help center
settings object A settings object with custom settings for the current theme
signed_in boolean Whether the user is logged in or not
featured_posts array An array of featured post objects

Available helpers

You can use the following helpers in this page template. You can also use any built-in helpers, global helpers, or global advanced helpers.

Name Description
request_list (beta) List of requests. See request_list helper
breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs for the Request List page. See breadcrumbs helper
pagination Pagination links. See pagination helper
form A form for data input. See bellow the available forms for this page

Available forms

You can add the following form to the Request List page template:

Name Description
requests_filter A form to filter which requests are shown

Use the form helper to insert it. See Form Helper.

Available identifiers

The following identifiers are available in this page:

Identifier Form Field(s) Description
query requests_filter input Identifies a search field
organization requests_filter label, select Identifies a drop-down to select an organization
status requests_filter label, select Identifies a drop-down to select a status


Iterating through the sorters array of filter objects adds the following links to the page:

Link text Action
Created Sorts by most recent creation time
Last activity Sorts by most recent activity in descending order


<header class="my-activities-header">  {{breadcrumbs}}</header>
<div class="requests-list">  <ul>    {{#each requests}}      <tr>        <td>{{id}}</td>        <td>          <a href="{{url}}">            {{#if subject}}              {{subject}}            {{else}}              {{excerpt description characters=50}}            {{/if}}          </a>        </td>        <td>          {{#is ../current_filter.identifier "my"}}            {{date created_at timeago=true}}          {{else}}            {{}}          {{/is}}        </td>        <td>{{date updated_at timeago=true}}</td>        <td>          <span class="request-status request-{{status}}" title="{{status_description}}">            {{status_name}}          </span>        </td>      </tr>    {{/each}}  </ul></div>