Request page

The Request page template is rendered when a user navigates to https://{yoursubdomain}{locale}/requests/{request_id}.

Available properties

You can use the following properties in the Request page template.

requestobjectA request object
groupobjectA group object
assigneeobjectThe agent assigned to the request user
custom_fieldsarrayAn array of request custom field objects
commentsarrayAn array of request comment objects
attachmentsarrayAn array of attachment objects
collaboratorsarrayAn array of user objects describing the request's collaborators (cc's), if any
promoted_articlesarrayAn array of promoted article objects
ticket_formsarrayAn array of ticket form objects
help_centerobjectA help_center object that holds information and settings about the current help center
settingsobjectA settings object with custom settings for the current theme
signed_inbooleanWhether the user is logged in or not
featured_postsarrayAn array of featured post objects
satisfaction_responseobjectA satisfaction_response object (available in Templating API v3 and above)

Available helpers

You can use the following helpers in this page template. You can also use any built-in helpers, global helpers, or global advanced helpers.

breadcrumbsBreadcrumbs for the current page. See breadcrumbs helper
satisfactionA link that lets the user rate his or her satisfaction with how the request was handled. See satisfaction helper
comment_calloutA link for creating a follow-up ticket, if the current one has been closed. See comment_callout helper
formA form for data input. See bellow the available forms for this page

Note that you can also use the upload helper inside the comment form.

Available forms

You can add the following forms to the Request page template:

commentA form to send new request comment
organizationA form to change the request organization

Use the form helper to insert them. See Form Helper.

Available identifiers

The following identifiers are available in this page:

organizationorganizationselectIdentifies a drop-down to select an organization
bodycommenttextarea, wysiwygIdentifies a text field for a request comment (use wysiwyg for rich content)
mark_as_solvedcommentlabel, checkboxIdentifies a checkbox to mark a request as solved
ccscommenttoken_fieldIdentifies an email (CC) field


<nav class="sub-nav clearfix">  {{breadcrumbs}}  {{search}}</nav><section class="request-details">  <strong>{{request.subject}}</strong> (request #{{}})  {{request.description}}  {{comment_callout}}</section>