Available properties

You can use the following properties in the Header template.

Name Type Description
current_locale object A locale object corresponding to the one currently used by the user
alternative_locales array An array of locale objects corresponding to all the available locales in Help Center except the current one
promoted_articles array An array of promoted article objects
ticket_forms array An array of ticket form objects
help_center object A help_center object that holds information and settings about the current help center

Available helpers

You can use the following helpers in this page template. You can also use any built-in helpers, global helpers, or global advanced helpers.

Name Description
my_profile Shows the current user's profile. See my_profile helper
change_password Show the change password modal. See change_password helper


<header class="header">
  <div class="logo">
    {{#link 'help_center'}}
      <img src="{{settings.logo}}" alt="{{t 'logo'}}">
  <nav class="user-nav">
    {{link "new_request" class="submit-a-request" role="button"}}