Following page

The Following page template is rendered when an end user selects My Activities and clicks Following.

Available properties

You can use the following properties in the Following page template.

Name Type Description
current_filter object The current filter object
filters array An array of filter objects for the page
subscriptions array An array of subscription objects
promoted_articles array An array of promoted article objects
ticket_forms array An array of ticket form objects
help_center object A help_center object that holds information and settings about the current help center
settings object A settings object with custom settings for the current theme

Available helpers

You can use the following helpers in this page template. You can also use any built-in helpers, global helpers, or global advanced helpers.

Name Description
breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs for the Following page. See breadcrumbs helper


<header class="my-activities-header">  {{breadcrumbs}}</header>
<div class="my-activities-following-header">  <span class="dropdown">    <span class="dropdown-toggle">      {{current_filter.label}}    </span>    <span class="dropdown-menu" role="menu">      {{#each filters}}        <a href="{{url}}" aria-selected="{{selected}}" role="menuitem">          {{name}}        </a>      {{/each}}    </span>  </span></div>
<div class="my-activities-table">  {{#if subscriptions}}    <table>      <thead>        <tr>          <th>{{t 'title'}}</th>          <th>{{t 'type'}}</th>          <th>{{t 'subscription'}}</th>          <th></th>        </tr>      </thead>      <tbody>        {{#each subscriptions}}          <tr>            <td><a href="{{url}}">{{title}}</a></td>            <td>{{name}}</td>            <td>{{subscribe}}</td>            <td>{{unsubscribe}}</td>          </tr>        {{/each}}      </tbody>    </table>
  {{pagination}}  {{else}}    <p>{{t 'not_following'}}</p>  {{/if}}</div>