Displaying rich links with events

You can use the properties of an event to render a hyperlink in the interaction history tool tip in the Zendesk Agent Workspace. Zendesk suggests that you review the Events security best practices before opting to render links in the Agent Workspace.

The property value must be an object with two string values:

  • display_name: the hyperlink text
  • url: the target website to direct the agent to. This will open in a new tab by default. The url field must include the protocol prefix http or https for the link to be rendered


"event": {  "source": "acme",  "type": "2fa_enabled",  "description": "Customer enabled 2-factor authentication",  "properties": {    "customer": {      "display_name": "Go to customer profile...",      "url": "https://crm.acme.com/customers/123"    }  } }

To learn more about viewing events in the Zendesk Agent Workspace, see Viewing customer context in a ticket.