Adding voice comments to tickets

Instead of adding a written comment to a ticket, you can add a voice recording as a comment. In the agent interface, the voice comment includes controls to play or stop the voice recording:

You must provide a url to a hosted voice recording. Zendesk doesn't store the recording file: it stores a link to the file. The audio file must be a MP3 or WAV file.

A Talk account is not necessary to add voice comments to tickets.

Adding a voice comment

Add a ticket voice comment to a ticket by including a voice_comment object in the ticket object when creating or updating the ticket. Example:

curl https://{subdomain}{id}.json \  -d '{"ticket": {"voice_comment": { ... }}}' \  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \  -v -u {email_address}/token:{api_token} -X PUT

See Voice comment object below for details about the voice_comment object.

Comments are normally added using the Tickets API, not the Ticket Comments API. See the following endpoints in the Tickets API docs:

Voice comments can also be added to tickets with the Create Voicemail Ticket endpoint in the Talk Partner Edition. See Creating a ticket based on a voicemail in the Talk Partner Edition developer guide.

Adding a voice comment to a ticket is logged as a voice comment event in ticket audit logs.

Voice comment object

A voice comment is represented as a JSON object with the following properties:

fromstringyesIncoming phone number
tostringyesDialed phone number
recording_urlstringyesURL of the recording. The audio file must be a MP3 or WAV file
started_atdateyesTimestamp of the call as a ISO 8601 string. Example: 2019-04-16T09:14:57Z
call_durationintegeryesDuration in seconds of the call
answered_by_idintegernoThe agent who answered the call
transcription_textstringnoTranscription of the call
locationstringnoLocation of the caller


data.json file

{  "ticket": {    "voice_comment": {      "from": "+16617480240",      "to": "+16617480123",      "recording_url": "",      "started_at": "2019-04-16T09:14:57Z",      "call_duration": 42,      "answered_by_id": 28765,      "transcription_text": "The transcription of the call",      "location": "Topeka, Kansas"    }  }}

curl request

curl https://{subdomain}{id}.json \  -d @data.json \  -H "Content-Type: application/json" -v -u {email_address}/token:{api_token} -X POST