Via object reference

The via object tells you how or why an action or event was created. The following resources in the Support REST API use the via object:

Via objects have the following properties:

channelstring or integerHow the ticket or event was created expressed as a via type or via id. For a list of valid via types and ids, see Via Types.

Via type examples: "channel": "rule", "channel": "mobile"

Via id examples: "channel": 8, "channel": 56

We recommend using via types for readability and ease of use.
sourceobjectFor some channels a source object gives more information about how or why the ticket or event was created

The channel property can be set using the API to certain Via Types only at ticket creation and cannot be changed afterwards. Setting the channel of a ticket is not advisable and could cause unforeseen problems.


"via": {    "channel": "rule",    "source": {      "to": { },      "from": {        "id": 22472716,        "title": "Assign to first responder"      },      "rel": "trigger"    }  }

The source attribute gives more information about the source of the ticket. It consists of from, to, and rel attributes. Examples:

an emailaddress, name, original_recipientsaddress, name, email_ccsnull
"Submit a request" on websitenull
Zendesk widgetzendesk_widget
Feedback tabfeedback_tab
Zendesk mobile agent appsmobile
API - ticket sharingapi
API - ticket endpointsnull
API - follow-up ticketticket_id, subjectfollow_up
Business rule (trigger)id, title, deleted, revision_id (Enterprise)trigger
Business rule (automation)id, title, deletedautomation
a forum topictopic_id, topic_namenull
an X (formerly Twitter) message or mentionprofile_url, username, nameprofile_url, username, namedirect_message
a chatnull
a chat offline messagechat_offline_message
a callphone, formatted_phone, namephone, formatted_phone, namevoicemail, inbound, or outbound
a Facebook post or messagename, profile_url, facebook_idname, profile_url, facebook_idpost or message
system - ticket mergedticket_id, subjectmerge
system - ticket follow-upticket_id, subjectfollow_up
system - suspended ticketsuspended_ticket_idsuspended_ticket
system - problem ticket solvedticket_id, subjectproblem
AnyChannelservice_info, supports_channelback, supports_clickthrough, registered_integration_service_name