Via object reference

The via object tells you how or why an action or event was created. The following resources in the Support REST API use the via object:

Via objects have the following properties:

Name Type Comment
channel string or integer How the ticket or event was created expressed as a via type or via id. For a list of valid via types and ids, see Via Types.

Via type examples: "channel": "rule", "channel": "mobile"

Via id examples: "channel": 8, "channel": 56

We recommend using via types for readability and ease of use.
source object For some channels a source object gives more information about how or why the ticket or event was created

Though the channel property can be changed using the API, overwriting the channel of a created ticket is not advisable. Changing it could cause unforeseen problems.


"via": {    "channel": "rule",    "source": {      "to": { },      "from": {        "id": 22472716,        "title": "Assign to first responder"      },      "rel": "trigger"    }  }

The source attribute gives more information about the source of the ticket. It consists of from, to, and rel attributes. Examples:

source from to rel
an email address, name, original_recipients address, name, email_ccs null
"Submit a request" on website     null
Zendesk widget     zendesk_widget
Feedback tab     feedback_tab
Zendesk mobile agent apps     mobile
API - ticket sharing     api
API - ticket endpoints     null
API - follow-up ticket ticket_id, subject   follow_up
Business rule (trigger) id, title, deleted, revision_id (Enterprise)   trigger
Business rule (automation) id, title, deleted   automation
a forum topic topic_id, topic_name   null
a Twitter message or mention profile_url, username, name profile_url, username, name direct_message
a chat     null
a chat offline message     chat_offline_message
a call phone, formatted_phone, name phone, formatted_phone, name voicemail, inbound, or outbound
a Facebook post or message name, profile_url, facebook_id name, profile_url, facebook_id post or message
system - ticket merged ticket_id, subject   merge
system - ticket follow-up ticket_id, subject   follow_up
system - problem ticket solved ticket_id, subject   problem
AnyChannel service_info, supports_channelback, supports_clickthrough, registered_integration_service_name  
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