Via types reference

The channel of a via object tells you how an action or event was created and can be expressed as a via type (a string value) or a via id (an integer value). For example:

"via": {    "channel": "mail",    "source": {      "from": {        "address": "[email protected]",        "name": "mycompany"      },      "rel": null,      "to": {        "address": "[email protected]",        "name": "Example Account"      }    }  }
"via": {    "channel": 4,    "source": {      "from": {        "address": "[email protected]",        "name": "mycompany"      },      "rel": null,      "to": {        "address": "[email protected]",        "name": "Example Account"      }    }  }

We recommend using via type for ease of use and readability.

The following table maps the via id to the via type and ticket type.

via id
via type Omnichannel routing Ticket created by Description
0 web_form Email web Web form
4 mail Email email Email
5 web_service Email api Web service (API)
8 rule rule Trigger, automation
9 linked_problem Linked problem
10 group_deletion Group deletion
11 user_change Change user
12 user_deletion Delete user
13 group_change Change group
14 resource_push Push resource
15 iphone iPhone
16 get_satisfaction Get Satisfaction
17 dropbox web Feedback tab
19 merge Email Merge
20 batch web Batch
21 recovered_from_suspended_tickets Recover from suspended ticket
22 automatic_solution_suggestions Automatic Solution Suggestions
23 twitter_favorite twitter X (formerly Twitter) like
24 topic forum Topic
25 user_merge Merge user
26 twitter_dm twitter X DM
27 closed_ticket Email web Closed ticket
28 logmein_rescue LogMeIn Rescue
29 chat Messaging chat Chat
30 twitter Email twitter X
31 ticket_sharing Email api Ticket sharing
32 macro_reference Macro reference
33 voicemail voice Voicemail
34 phone_call_inbound Calls voice Phone call (incoming)
35 phone_call_outbound Calls voice Phone call (outbound)
36 blog api Blog
37 text_message Text message
38 facebook_post Email facebook Facebook post
39 import api Import
40 github api GitHub
41 facebook_message facebook Facebook private message
42 lotus web Lotus
43 monitor_event Monitor event
44 api_voicemail api CTI* voicemail
45 api_phone_call_inbound api CTI phone call (inbound)
46 api_phone_call_outbound api CTI phone call (outbound)
47 churned_account Churned account
48 web_widget Email web Web Widget
49 mobile_sdk Email mobile_sdk Mobile SDK
50 helpcenter help_center Help center post
51 sample_ticket sample_ticket Sample ticket
52 sample_interactive_ticket sample_ticket Sample interactive ticket
53 admin_setting Admin setting
54 satisfaction_prediction Satisfaction prediction
55 any_channel Email any_channel Channel framework
56 mobile mobile Mobile
57 sms sms SMS
58 ticket_tagging Ticket tagging
59 connect_ipm Connect IPM
60 connect_mail Connect Mail
61 connect_sms Connect SMS
62 rule_revision rule Rule revision
63 answer_bot_for_agents answer_bot_for_agents Answer Bot for agents
64 answer_bot_for_slack answer_bot_for_slack Answer Bot for Slack
65 answer_bot_for_sdk answer_bot_for_sdk Answer Bot for SDK
66 answer_bot_api answer_bot_api Answer Bot API
67 answer_bot_for_web_widget answer_bot_for_web_widget Answer Bot for Web Widget
68 symphony Symphony
69 side_conversation Email side_conversation Side conversation
70 answer_bot Answer Bot
71 omnichannel Omnichannel
72 line Messaging line LINE
73 wechat Messaging wechat WeChat
74 whatsapp Messaging whatsapp WhatsApp
75 native_messaging Messaging native_messaging Native messaging
76 mailgun Messaging mailgun Mailgun
77 messagebird_sms Messaging messagebird_sms MessageBird SMS
78 sunshine_conversations_facebook_messenger Messaging sunshine_conversations_facebook_messenger Sunshine Conversations Facebook Messenger
79 telegram Messaging telegram Telegram messenger
80 twilio_sms Messaging twilio_sms Twilio SMS
81 viber Messaging viber Viber messenger
82 google_rcs Messaging google_rcs Google RCS messaging
83 apple_business_chat Messaging apple_business_chat Apple Messages for Business
84 google_business_messages Messaging google_business_messages Google Business Messages
85 kakaotalk Messaging kakaotalk KakaoTalk messenger
86 instagram_dm Messaging instagram_dm Instagram Direct Messenger
87 sunshine_conversations_api Messaging sunshine_conversations_api Sunshine Conversations API
88 sunshine_conversations_twitter_dm Messaging sunshine_conversations_twitter_dm Sunshine Conversations X DM
89 chat_offline_message Offline Chat Message
90 chat_transcript chat_transcript Chat transcript
91 business_messaging_slack_connect business_messaging_slack_connect Slack Connect Business Messaging

*CTI - Computer Telephony Integration