Cause of suspension reference

A suspended ticket's cause_id and cause_name properties contain information about the cause of the suspension. Zendesk returns these properties in the Suspended Tickets endpoints, or, if recovered, in the Suspended ticket recovery event.

The following table contains for possible values for cause_id and cause_name.

Cause id
Cause nameDescription
0spamDetected as spam
1not_on_whitelistSender domain not on allowlist
2unverifiedSubmitted by unverified user
3auto_mailerAutomated response mail
4loopDetected as mail loop
5unknown_user_updateUnknown user tried to update existing ticket
6other_user_updateEnd user only allowed to update their own tickets
7auto_delivery_failureAutomated response mail, delivery failed
8auto_vacationAutomated response mail, out of office
9system_userDetected email as being from a system user
10unknown_authorPermission denied for unknown email submitter
11blankEmail has no content
12signup_requiredUser must sign up to submit email, user notified
13blocklistedEmail is from a blocklisted sender or domain
14backscatterBackscatter from remote mail server
15disabledEmail integration disabled
16to_noreplyEmail for "noreply" address
17server_lockReceived via unknown mail server
18unserviceable_accountEmails do not get processed for expired accounts
19unprocessable_emailAutomatic email processing failed
20unauthenticated_email_updatePermission denied due to unauthenticated email update
21registered_user_logged_outSubmitted by registered user while logged out
22from_support_addressReceived from Zendesk Support email address
23from_zendesk_accountEmail is from a Zendesk account
24content_processor_timed_outEmail took too long to process
25malware_detectedMalware detected
26failed_email_authenticationEmail authentication failed
27from_noreplyEmail from "noreply" address
28account_owner_email_unverifiedSubmitted by unverified account owner
29malicious_pattern_detectedContent pattern detected as malicious
30number_recipients_exceeds_thresholdNumber of email recipients exceeds threshold
31light_agent_forwardedEmail forwarded by light agent
32failed_dmarc_authenticationEmail failed DMARC authentication
33number_comments_exceeds_thresholdNumber of email comments exceeds threshold