Using identifier queries with profiles

All GET, PUT, and DELETE requests in the Profiles API include a URL parameter named identifier that specifies a colon-delimited identifier query. Example:

GET /api/v2/user_profiles?identifier=acme:customer:email:[email protected]

The request includes the following identifier query:

acme:customer:email:[email protected]

An identifier query selects a specific profile. The request's operation is performed on the profile selected by the identifier query.

Each identifier query must include the following information:

  • a profile source ("acme")
  • a profile type ("customer")
  • an identifier type ("email")
  • an identifier value ("[email protected]")

See Anatomy of a profile.




  • mycontacts:supplier:external_id:myusername
  • amazon:customer:email:[email protected]
  • mywebsite:visitor:fb_id:1000098