Request header requirements for Marketplace apps

If you want to make your app available in the Zendesk Marketplace, you must include the following custom headers in any requests to the Zendesk API from an external source.

The requirement doesn't apply to API requests from apps using the Zendesk Apps framework.

  • X-Zendesk-Marketplace-Name: Name of the integration. Can change over time.

  • X-Zendesk-Marketplace-Organization-Id: The organization ID for your organization from the Marketplace developer portal ( This is a static value and should never change.

  • X-Zendesk-Marketplace-App-Id: The app ID assigned to you when you submit your app. Make sure your team is aware that this needs to be updated once you submit the app.


X-Zendesk-Marketplace-Name:"App Name for Zendesk"X-Zendesk-Marketplace-Organization-Id:12345X-Zendesk-Marketplace-App-Id: 99999

As part of the app submission process for the Marketplace, Zendesk verifies that the headers are present on a specific test account designated during the submission process before approving the app for the Marketplace.

The information is available on the Marketplace developer portal ( after the app is accepted.

  • App Id - Displayed on the app tile on the Apps > Approved Apps tab
  • Organization Id - Displayed at the top of the Organization page

Make sure to update your request code with the headers.