Register your organization

Register your organization

Registering your organization and users is important so we know who you are when you submit apps or themes for review. This helps us contact you if there are any problems with your app or theme, and also allows other internal Zendesk teams –– such as our support team when you submit a ticket –– to know that you're an app or theme development partner.

To register on the developer portal

  1. Go to

  2. Register using one of the following methods:

    • Create a new account with an email address and password
    • Use your Google account
    • Use your GitHub account

To register your organization

  1. Sign in to

  2. Complete your organization profile and click Submit.

To add users to my organization

  1. Sign in to

  2. Click Users in the sidebar.

  3. Click the Add User button.

  4. Enter their email address, name, and role in the company.

  5. Click the Invite button.

  6. Let your users know you invited them and ask them to sign in.

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