Brand assets package and guidelines are available for anyone working with the Zendesk brand. It contains all the Zendesk brand identity assets – product logos, wordmarks, and various logomark sizes as well as usage guidelines.

Use of the Zendesk logo and brand assets

Bot icon - Please don't use Zendesk trademarks (original or modified) in any bot icons.

Naming your bot - When naming your bot, don't use any Zendesk trademarks or anything that might be construed as related to Zendesk.

Marketing assets

You should prepare the following files below for uploading when submitting or uploading a bot.

Bot icon

This icon must meet the following requirements:

  • PNG file format
  • Filename convention logo.png
  • Image size 320x320 pixels
  • 500KB or smaller
  • The image has no rounded corners. The corners are automatically rounded in the UI.


You must provide exactly three screenshots of your bot. Zendesk uses the screenshots for your bot listing in the Zendesk Marketplace.

The screenshots must meet the following requirements:

  • PNG file format
  • Image size 1024x768 pixels or 2048x1536 pixels
  • 500KB or smaller
  • Images have no rounded corners
  • Images have no padding and are full bleed

Designing your icon

Your bot icon should capture a user's attention and encourage them to click your icon to learn more. It represents your brand, so avoid using screenshots.

Other guidelines:

  • Avoid using text: icons are not aware of multiple locales.
  • Avoid extending your icon graphic to the edge of the icon - leave some padding.
  • Avoid using edges or borders around the image.
  • Simple shapes and flat colors work better than complex designs.
  • Your image will be shrunk to half its size, so check it is still clearly visible when resized.
  • Assume the image is displayed on a white or light gray background. Avoid using a lot of white color or shades of gray color.
  • If you're unsure about your bot icon, contact our Support or Apps team for advice.