Submit your bot

You can submit your bot to the Zendesk Marketplace after you have requested SunCo OAuth credentials and created your bot.

Submitting Marketplace bots

Go to, and sign in to the portal.

To submit a bot

  1. In the Marketplace developer portal, navigate to the bots section and locate the bot you created previously (
  2. Provide a demo video that demonstrates the experience customers will have when connecting your bot to Zendesk.
  3. Enter your Marketplace details in the provided fields:
    • Short description: A concise summary of your bot. The maximum length is 80 characters, including spaces. Use sentence case. The short description is displayed when listing bots on the Marketplace.

      Tip: Use the short description to highlight your bot's benefits and key features. If your bot is designed for a specific industry or organization type, mention it in the short description.

    • Long description: A longer, more in-depth description of your bot. The maximum length is 65,000 characters, including spaces. Provide a description of your bot and tell customers a bit about your company. Include the bot's key features, benefits, and unique selling points. Provide links to live examples of how other customers have used the bot. These examples can help new customers understand how they can customize the bot to meet their needs.

      Tip: Use the WYSIWYG editor to format your description. Use imagery and video to increase engagement and draw attention to key points.

    • Installation instructions: Provide instructions on how to install the bot. You should assume that users have little technical knowledge and may never have installed an app before.

    • Installation URL: Enter the full URL customers go to integrate your bot with Zendesk.

    • Documentation URL: Enter the full URL where customers can find your documentation.

    • Privacy policy URL: If you have a privacy policy, enter the full URL here.

    • License agreement URL: If you have a license agreement, enter in the full URL here.

    • Images: Add between one and three hero images. The images must meet the following requirements:

      • PNG file format
      • 1024px by 768px or 2084px by 1536px
      • Maximum file size of 500 KB
      • Images have no rounded corners

      Note: Don't use Zendesk trademarks (original or modified), imagery, or design elements that could be interpreted as part of the Marketplace interface or Zendesk brand.

      Tip: The hero image gives users a first impression of your bot. Use the image to show how the bot looks when installed. Don’t crowd the image with extra details, such as feature information.

    • Screenshots: You must provide one to three screenshots of your bot. Zendesk uses the screenshots in your theme listing in the Zendesk Marketplace image library. The screenshots must meet the following requirements:

      • PNG file format
      • Width of at least 320 pixels and no more than 3,840 pixels
      • Length can't be more than twice the width
      • Maximum file size of 500 KB
      • Images have no rounded corners
      • Images have no padding
    • Payment information: Bots are free to install from the Marketplace. If you charge for your bot outside of the Marketplace, check the Additional Fees checkbox.

    • Notes: Optionally add any notes for the reviewer to let them know what you’ve changed.

  4. Read and agree to the Zendesk Partner and Developer Terms and Privacy Policy.
  5. Click Submit.

Submitting a bot update

To submit a listing update

  1. Sign in to the Marketplace portal and navigate to the Bots section.
  2. Select your bot, then click Update Bot.
  3. Update any information.
  4. Read and agree to the Zendesk Partner and Developer Terms.
  5. Click Submit.

What happens next?

After submitting the bot, you'll receive an email confirming that we received it. Please add "[email protected]" to your contact list to ensure you receive e-mail communications from us regarding your submission. You can check on the status of your submission by clicking the Submissions tab in the Bots section of the Marketplace developer portal.

If your bot is approved, you will receive notification of the approval and the listing will be published in the Zendesk Marketplace by 10am PST the next day.

If your bot is rejected, you can submit a new bot by clicking the Submissions tab in the Bot section of the Marketplace developer portal and then clicking Submit Update beneath the original submission.

Note: Do not send updates or corrections using the Submit a bot button in the upper right corner.