Create a Zendesk Marketplace profile

Create a Zendesk Marketplace profile

A Zendesk Marketplace profile is a place to tell users more about your company, location, and services. It lists all the apps and themes you’ve published on the Zendesk Marketplace. A link to your profile appears in the Details panel on the right side of all your app and theme listings in the Zendesk Marketplace.

A profile is optional and is only published once your app or theme has been approved and published on the Zendesk Marketplace.

All Zendesk Marketplace profiles are reviewed by Zendesk. If you’re submitting an app or theme for the first time, we’ll review your profile in conjunction with your app or theme.

To create your profile

  1. Sign in to the Marketplace developer portal at

  2. Select Organization in the sidebar, then complete the Marketplace profile section on the Details tab. See below for details.

  3. Click Submit.

The profile section consists of the following fields:

Partner Types: Select from the following options:

  • App developer: A developer who has either a "Public App" or an "Integration App" listing in the Marketplace. Select this option if you’re submitting an app to be listed on the Zendesk Marketplace.

  • Theme developer: A developer who has a theme listing in the Marketplace. Select this option if you’re submitting a theme to be listed on the Zendesk Marketplace.

  • Partners: These are companies enrolled in one of our partner programs. They can be classified into the following types:

    • Implementation partner: Implementation partners are focused on building a professional services practice to implement custom software solutions that transform customer experiences.
    • Solution partner: Customer engagement experts that resell Zendesk, manage complex implementations, design custom experiences, and offer an array of other services.
    • Referral partner: Consultants, integrators, and IT professionals focused on the customer support space, helping large enterprises be human at scale.
    • Business service provider: Outsourcers and Business Process as a Service (BPO) providers that leverage Zendesk to offer innovative customer engagement solutions.

Short description: Describe your value proposition. Keep it short and concise.

Long description: Provide more detail about what your company does, the types of services you offer, and how it benefits Zendesk customers. We recommend including resources such as links to case studies, additional resources or guides, quotes from existing Zendesk customers -- anything that displays the qualitative and quantitative benefits of your solutions. We recommend you limit the description to under 300 words and that you take advantage of the WYSIWYG editor for formatting.

Regions: Select the regions you operate or do business.

Number of certifications: Enter the number of Zendesk certifications you or your company have completed.

Zendesk point of contact: Enter your company contact that the Zendesk team can get in touch to escalate anything to your sales or support team.

App next steps: Submit your app

Bot next steps: Submit your bot

Theme next steps: Submit your theme