Submit your app

You can submit your app to the Zendesk Marketplace as a paid app or not. You can also submit it as a preview app so that it's available only to select customers.

You can also submit an integration app - an app that typically lives in a third-party product instead of installed in Zendesk Support or Chat. See Submitting integration apps.

You can expect a turnaround time of 1-3 weeks for new app submissions and 1-2 week for updates to existing apps.

Submitting Marketplace apps

Before submitting your app, make sure you have registered your organization on the Marketplace developer portal at, and you're signed in to the portal.

To submit an app

  1. In the Marketplace developer portal, navigate to the Apps section and click Submit a new app (

  2. If you want to make the app available only to select customers, enable the Preview App option.

    The app won’t be published in Zendesk Marketplace and won’t be discoverable. Instead, you'll send a link to the app to select customers. See Submitting and sharing preview apps.

  3. Upload your source code in a ZIP file.

    Make sure to include all necessary files and Marketplace content.

    After you upload the zip file, the contents are automatically checked. Any errors found are flagged in red. You won't be able to submit the form until you correct the errors. Warnings are shown in yellow. Warnings are suggestions. You can still submit the app with them.

    The content of the zip file is also checked for compliance with the Branding guidelines.

  4. Add the link to your GitHub repository. The link is optional but helps Zendesk review your app.

  5. Select the Zendesk Marketplace categories where you'd like your app to appear.

    Zendesk tries to accommodate your choices.

  6. If you want to charge for your app, toggle the Paid Apps option, select the billing type for your app, and enter the Stripe Plan ID for your app.

    Before selecting this option, make sure you connected your Stripe account to the Zendesk Stripe account. Also make sure you entered your Stripe Integration ID into your organization details.

  7. If your app requires a subscription or other purchase outside of Zendesk, click Additional fees. Enter a URL that contains related pricing details.

  8. Read and agree to the Zendesk Terms & Conditions.

  9. Click Submit.

Submitting and sharing preview apps

You can submit an app and make it available only to select customers. The app won’t be published in the Zendesk Marketplace and won’t be discoverable. Instead, you'll share a link to the app with chosen customers to let them preview it.

You can use preview apps for betas but they have other uses. For example, say you have a free app on the Marketplace that you tweaked for larger customers and you want to charge these customers for the updated version. You can submit the updated app as a preview app and then allow only those customers access to the app. You can use the paid apps feature to charge for the app or invoice the customers directly.

To submit and share a preview app

  1. Select the Preview App option when submitting your app. See Submitting Marketplace apps.

  2. After the app is accepted, return to the Marketplace developer portal (, browse to the app (Apps > Approved apps), and click the app's Details link.

  3. Add the customers that can access the app by selecting the Availability tab and clicking Add Accounts.

  4. Click Copy link and share the link with the customer.

    When the customer clicks the link, they'll be taken directly to the app installation process.

  5. Once you’ve finished testing your app, submit an update letting us know that you want the app to be published to the Marketplace.

Submitting integration apps

Integrations apps are built for a third-party product. These apps are discoverable in the Zendesk Marketplace but don't have components that can be installed in a Zendesk product.

If you want to submit an integration app to the Zendesk Marketplace, provide the following files:

If the app makes Zendesk API requests, you'll also need to include the app id and your organization id in the request headers. For more information, see Request header requirements for Marketplace apps. The ids are available on the Marketplace developer portal ( after the app is accepted.

  • App ID - Displayed on the app tile on the Apps > Approved Apps tab
  • Organization ID - Displayed at the top of the Organization page

Make sure to update your request code with the headers.

Submitting an app update

To submit an update

  1. Make changes to the app, including any updates to its Marketplace content or assets.

  2. Sign in to the Marketplace portal and navigate to the Apps section.

  3. Select Submit Update on the app tile you wish to update and upload the new ZIP file.

    Make sure to include all necessary files.

  4. Update any information like categories or payment details.

  5. Read and agree to the Zendesk Partner and Developer Terms.

  6. Click Submit.

What happens next?

After submitting the app, you'll receive an email confirming that we received it. You can check on the status of your submission by clicking the Submissions tab in the Apps section of the Marketplace developer portal.

If your app is approved, you will receive notification of the approval and the listing will be published in the Zendesk Marketplace by 10am PST the next day.

If your app is rejected, you may submit a corrected ZIP file by clicking the Submissions tab in the Apps section of the Marketplace developer portal, and clicking on the Submit Update button beneath the original submission.

To contact Zendesk about your Marketplace app or update, complete the Zendesk Marketplace support request form.

Note: Do not send in updates or corrections using the Submit an app button in the upper right corner.

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