Theme licenses

Theme licenses

There are two types of licenses you can apply to themes in the Zendesk Marketplace:

  • Standard license: With a standard license, the theme is enabled directly within the customer's help center. Standard licenses are account wide, so the same theme can be installed on all help centers associated with the account. Standard licenses do not provide access to the source code and can only be set up using preconfigured settings.
  • Developer license: A developer license enables access to the source code allowing a much greater degree of customization to the theme. This is applicable to customers on the Guide Professional and higher plans only. Note: Once the code has been edited, the theme cannot be automatically updated and will require manual updating by the customer.

The license type and pricing are configured when you submit or update a theme in the Marketplace developer portal.


You can set the pricing for each theme and license type at your own discretion.

Each license type has the option to be free or a one time fee. You can offer a theme in the marketplace with one or both license types. If a standard license and developer license is made available for a theme, the following pricing combinations are permitted:

  • Standard paid license and developer paid license
  • Standard free license and developer paid license

Trial period

Themes are available as a 14 day trial in a customer's account. They can preview the changes in their help center, but cannot set the theme live or have access to the source code.

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