Marketing and press release guidelines

Press releases

These guidelines are your primary resource when drafting communication materials (press release, blog post, marketing collateral, etc.) that reference Zendesk, or when planning media activities around a Zendesk app.

Once your final materials are drafted, please send a copy to [email protected] and Michelle Torres ([email protected]) for review. The Zendesk Communications team will respond within five business days with revisions or approval. Please include your contact information and scheduled timing of announcements in your email.


Zendesk must not be referenced as announcing the news of an app, partnership, or integration.

Correct: [Your Company] Enhances Capabilities with Zendesk Integration

Incorrect: ~~[Your Company] and Zendesk Announce New Capabilities~~

Quotes in press materials are provided at Zendesk’s discretion and on a case-by-case basis.

Zendesk’s corporate boiler plate and contact information may not be included in the press release or other materials.

Please direct any Zendesk press inquiries to [email protected].

Zendesk messaging and style
  • Please refer to Zendesk as Zendesk, Inc. and as "Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. It empowers organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. Zendesk products are easy to use and implement. They give organizations the flexibility to move quickly, focus on innovation, and scale with their growth."

  • When describing Zendesk, use words that imply a human touch. Avoid words like “manage our customers.” Instead, use words like “support,” “enable,” or “help.” When referencing Zendesk’s customers generally, please use “organizations” instead of “companies,” unless it's about a specific company.

Correct: Zendesk helps organizations build better relationships with their customers

Incorrect: ~~Zendesk is a tool that optimizes customer management~~

  • When citing a Zendesk study or research (e.g. The Zendesk Benchmark), please reference Zendesk.

Correct: The Q1 2014 Zendesk Benchmark shows that customer satisfaction is on the rise globally

Incorrect: ~~A recent study shows that customer service is on the rise globally~~

  • Capitalize Help Center when referencing Zendesk’s self-service Help Center.
Typing Zendesk
  • Please do not capitalize the “D” in Zendesk or refer to Zendesk as
  • On the first mention, please refer to Zendesk as Zendesk, Inc.
Sample Press Release Template
[Your Company] Enhances Capabilities with Zendesk Integration


[Your Company] Allows XYZ on Zendesk Platform

City, State – Month, X, 20XX

[Your Company] today announced a(n) [integration/update/ app] that is [built on/using/extends] Zendesk, Inc.’s leading cloud-based customer service platform. [Explain what your company does and how Zendesk supports what you do]

[Quote from your company spokesperson]

[Paragraph on how this update impacts users on the Zendesk platform, include stats if available OR include how this integration supports a growing trend in XYZ]

About [Your Company]
[Your Company Boiler Plate and Contact]

Co-marketing with Zendesk

At Zendesk, we consider our partners as some of our most valuable assets. We work closely with our partners to identify and deliver program initiatives that capitalize on our collaboration from both product development and marketing perspectives. As an integration partner, we offer the following opportunities when working with Zendesk.

Available co-marketing opportunities with Zendesk

As part of becoming a Zendesk Marketplace partner, Zendesk offers the following benefits:

  • Zendesk Marketplace listing: We'll list your app in the Zendesk Marketplace.

  • Blog feature: We'll include your app in one of Zendesk’s monthly new apps blog posts on the Zendesk blog. See example here. These typically take place closer to the end of the month.

  • Social outreach: We'll promote the app via:

    • Tweets from Zendesk’s Twitter account: @Zendesk. We will @mention your company and reference the blog post. If you have any planned social media that mentions Zendesk, please let us know so we can retweet/share on our social channels.
Guidelines for using Zendesk content on your website

Not really, but here are a few things we ask you to review.

  • Press releases: Zendesk generally does not participate in joint press releases. If you want to mention Zendesk in your press release, please follow the Zendesk Partner Press Release Guidelines.

  • Tracking links to Zendesk: If you link back to Zendesk anywhere from your site, add the tracking information below so we can track traffic from your site. Any references of “Zendesk” should be hyperlinked, along with “help desk software,” “customer support” or any other variation you may use. You can use the following snippet to append any page linked to the domain.

    • Snippet: /?utm_source=MyCompanyName&utm_medium=partnerlink
    • Usage example:
  • Brand Guidelines: The guidelines describe how to properly use the Zendesk trademark, as well as approved brand assets.

Additional co-marketing opportunities

Zendesk may offer various marketing opportunities for our partners to leverage. Below is a selection of such opportunities that are subject to approval from our marketing team. If you're interested in any of these opportunities, contact the Alliances team at Zendesk.

  • Joint webinars: Zendesk can participate in a joint webinar presentation that promotes not just our products but how our apps benefit our customers.

  • Sponsorship opportunities: Zendesk hosts and attends a variety of industry conferences and events. On occasion, we offer sponsorship opportunities for Zendesk hosted events or we may be interested in co-hosting/co-sponsoring an event with partners. Please contact us if you have an event or conference in mind.

  • Case studies: We always love to share customer success stories, both externally on our blog and internally for sales enablement. If you have a good story, please share it with us.

  • Guest blog posts: The Zendesk blog is typically for high level, thought leadership content. If you're interested in this type of content, please submit a short proposal of a topic for review by our marketing team.

  • Developer blog post: The Zendesk developer blog is always looking for content that is more developer focused. If you find yourself pushing the limits of the Zendesk Apps Framework or tinkering with the API and find a cool use, let us know and we'd love to share it with our developer community.