Supported appointment attributes:

idnumberUnique identifier of the appointment.
creator_idnumberUnique identifier of the user who created the appointment.
user_idnumberUnique identifier of the user the appointment is assigned to.
namestringName of the appointment.
all_daybooleanIndicator of whether the appointment is all day or not.
locationstringLocation of the appointment.
send_updatesbooleanIndicator of whether invitation updates are sent to meeting attendees.
reminder_offsetnumberReminder offset from start_date in minutes.
descriptionstringThe appointment's description.
start_atstringDate and time on which appointment begins in UTC (ISO8601 format).
end_atstringDate and time on which appointment ends in UTC (ISO8601 format).
invitationsarrayAn array of invitations related with the appointment.
contextsarrayAn array of deals related with the appointment.
created_atstringDate and time of appointment creation in UTC (ISO8601 format).


Stream Appointments

Read the stream of appointment events.

See the Firehose Overview article for more details on request and response formats and parameters.


GET /v3/appointments/stream


Read the stream of appointment events

GET /v3/appointments/stream?position=tailAccept: application/jsonAuthorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKENUser-Agent: $CLIENT_NAME
HTTP/1.1 200 OK   Content-Type: application/json
{  "items": [    {      "data": {        "id": 1060118,        "creator_id": 113859,        "user_id": 113859,        "name": "John Smith Interview",        "all_day": false,        "location": "1 Raymond Ave, IL 3333",        "send_updates": true,        "reminder_offset": 30,        "description": "appointment's description",        "start_at": "2017-11-09T13:00:00Z",        "end_at": "2017-11-09T15:00:00Z",        "contexts": [          {            "contextable_id": 2502127,            "contextable_type": "deal",            "id": 9080          }        ],        "invitations": [          {            "invitable_id": 6370959,            "id": 1325668,            "invitable_type": "contact",            "email": "[email protected]",            "status": "pending"          }        ],        "created_at": "2017-11-07T12:31:35Z"      },      "meta": {        "event_cause": "interaction",        "sequence": 1,        "event_id": "cbA1jmz4Sfea3kw8CJtAsg",        "event_type": "created",        "type": "appointment",        "event_time": "2017-11-07T12:31:40Z"      }    }  ],  "meta": {    "links": {      "next": ""    },    "position": "ZmlyZWhvc2UuYXBwb2ludG1lbnQuYnlfYWNjb3VudCw3LDMxMzQz",    "top": true  }}