Supported deal attributes:

idnumberUnique identifier of the deal.
creator_idnumberUnique identifier of the user who created the deal.
owner_idnumberUnique identifier of the user that the deal is assigned to.
namestringName of the deal.
valuestringValue of the deal (decimal format) in a currency specified in the currency field. eg. "10.25"
currencystringCurrency of the deal, specified in 3-character currency code (ISO4217) format. eg. "EUR"
hotbooleanIndicator of whether or not the deal is hot.
stage_idnumberUnique identifier of the deal's current stage in the pipeline.
source_idnumberUnique identifier of the Source.
loss_reason_idnumberUnique identifier of the Reason why the deal was lost.
last_stage_change_atstringDate and time when the deal was moved into the current stage in UTC (ISO8601 format).
last_stage_change_by_idnumberUnique identifier of the user who moved the deal into the current stage.
dropbox_emailstringDropbox email connected with the deal.
contact_idnumberUnique identifier of a primary contact.
organization_idnumberUnique identifier of an organization.
Estimated close date of the deal (ISO8601).
customized_win_likelihoodnumberUser set estimated win likelihood value.
tagsarrayAn array of tags for a deal. See more at Tag.
custom_field_valuesarrayAn array of custom field values for a deal. See more at Custom Field Value.
created_atstringDate and time that the deal was created in UTC (ISO8601 format).


Stream Deals

Read the stream of deal events.

See the Firehose Overview article for more details on request and response formats and parameters.


GET /v3/deals/stream


Read the stream of deal events

GET /v3/deals/stream?position=tailAccept: application/jsonAuthorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKENUser-Agent: $CLIENT_NAME
HTTP/1.1 200 OKContent-Type: application/json
{  "items": [    {      "data": {        "owner_id": 238218,        "estimated_close_date": null,        "id": 1125563,        "loss_reason_id": null,        "stage_id": 1,        "last_stage_change_at": "2014-08-27T16:32:56Z",        "last_stage_change_by_id": 1,        "tags": [          {            "data": {              "name": "a",              "resource_type": "deal",              "id": 527372            },            "meta": {              "type": "tag"            }          }        ],        "name": "Website Redesign (sample deal)",        "creator_id": 238218,        "created_at": "2016-04-28T09:25:33Z",        "hot": true,        "dropbox_email": "[email protected]",        "contact_id": 4464484,        "organization_id": 2,        "currency": "USD",        "value": "10112.12",        "customized_win_likelihood": null,        "custom_field_values": [          {            "value": "stationary",            "custom_field": {              "data": {                "name": "String CF",                "resource_type": "deal",                "id": 26724,                "type": "string"              },              "meta": {                "type": "custom_field"              }            }          }        ],        "source_id": 770234      },      "meta": {        "event_id": "NO798HwmS6qA2_B18unyTQ",        "event_cause": "system",        "sequence": 63,        "event_time": "2016-08-22T15:14:23Z",        "event_type": "updated",        "type": "deal",        "previous": {          "custom_field_values": []        }      }    }  ],  "meta": {    "links": {      "next": ""    },    "position": "ZmlyZWhvc2UuZmFjdG9pZC5jb250YWN0LnNuYXBzaG90cywxLDMwNTQ5Mg==",    "top": false  }}