Collaboration Request

This endpoint delivers stream of collaboration_request events. When user requested collaboration to the resource, such as deal, lead or contact, Firehose will emit collaboration_request created event. When user's request is approved or denied, Firehose will emit collaboration_request update event.

Supported collaboration request attributes:

idnumberUnique identifier of the collaboration request.
user_idnumberUnique identifier of the user that collaboration request was created for.
statusstringStatus of request. Possible values:pending,approved,denied`
resource_idnumberUnique identifier of the resource that was requested to collaborate on.
resource_typestringType name of the resource that was requested to collaborate on. Possible values: lead,contact,prospect_and_customer,deal
created_atstringDate and time that the collaboration request was created in UTC (ISO8601 format).


Stream Collaboration Requests

Read the stream of collaboration_request events.

See Introduction article for more details on request and response formats and parameters.


GET /v3/collaboration_requests/stream


Read the stream of collaboration request events

GET /v3/collaboration_requests/stream?position=tailAccept: application/jsonAuthorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKENUser-Agent: $CLIENT_NAME
HTTP/1.1 200 OK   Content-Type: application/json
{  "items": [    {        "data": {            "id": 380,            "user_id": 1099394,            "resource_type": "contact",            "resource_id": 17287699,            "created_at": "2018-06-13T09:04:24Z",            "status": "pending"        },        "meta": {            "event_cause": "interaction",            "sequence": 1,            "event_id": "h8QzpWRpQL-HnX2kJ93kSA",            "event_type": "created",            "type": "collaboration_request",            "event_time": "2018-06-13T09:04:24Z"        }    }  ],  "meta": {    "links": {      "next": ""    },    "position": "ZmlyZWhvc2UuY29sbGFib3JhdGlvbl9yZXF1ZXN0LmJ5X2FjY291bnQsMCwyNQ==",    "top": true  }}