Supported product attributes:

idnumberUnique identifier of the product.
namestringName of the product.
descriptionstringDescription of the product.
skustringStock Keeping Unit identification code.
activebooleanIndicator of whether the product is active. Line items cannot be created from inactive products.
max_discountnumberMaximum discount that can be applied to the product in percents.
max_markupnumberMaximum markup that can be applied to the product in percents.
coststringCost of the product. Eg. "10.25"
cost_currencystringCurrency of the product cost, specified in 3-character currency code (ISO4217) format. Visible only to account administrators. Eg. "EUR"
pricesarrayArray specifying products prices in different currencies.
created_atstringDate and time that the product was created in UTC (ISO8601 format).


Stream Product

Read the stream of product events.

See the Firehose Overview article for more details on request and response formats and parameters.


GET /v3/products/stream


Read the stream of product events

GET /v3/products/stream?position=tailAccept: application/jsonAuthorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKENUser-Agent: $CLIENT_NAME
HTTP/1.1 200 OK   Content-Type: application/json
{ "items": [    {      "data": {        "cost": "22.36",        "cost_currency": "USD",        "description": "Super gloves",        "active": true,        "created_at": "2017-06-21T06:40:21Z",        "name": "Gloves",        "max_discount": 35,        "id": 1180540,        "sku": "902211946-7",        "prices": [          {            "amount": "33.61",            "currency": "USD"          }        ],        "max_markup": 794      },      "meta": {        "event_cause": "interaction",        "sequence": 2,        "event_id": "unJp3ZIhQqGt5gqqAe9NPw",        "event_type": "updated",        "previous": {          "prices": [            {              "amount": "31.69",              "currency": "USD"            }          ],          "max_markup": 662        },        "type": "product",        "event_time": "2017-06-21T06:40:23Z"      }    }  ],  "meta": {    "links": {      "next": ""    },    "position": "ZmlyZWhvc2UuZmFjdG9pZC5jb250YWN0LnNuYXBzaG90cywxLDMwNTQ5Mg==",    "top": false  }}