Supported lead attributes:

idnumberUnique identifier of the lead.
creator_idnumberUnique identifier of the user who created the lead.
owner_idnumberUnique identifier of the user who currently owns the lead.
first_namestringFirst name of the lead.
last_namestringLast name of the lead. Required unless organization_name field is provided.
organization_namestringOrganization name of the lead. Required unless last_name field is provided.
statusstringStatus of the lead.
source_idnumberUnique identifier of the Source.
titlestringJob title of the lead.
descriptionstringThe lead's description.
industrystringOrganization's industry.
websitestringThe lead's website address.
emailstringThe lead's email address.
phonestringThe lead's phone number.
mobilestringThe lead's mobile phone number.
faxstringThe lead's fax number.
twitterstringThe lead's X (formerly Twitter) handle.
facebookstringThe lead's Facebook nickname.
linkedinstringThe lead's Linkedin nickname.
skypestringThe lead's Skype nickname.
addressAddressThe lead's address. For more information about the address object see Address
tagsarrayAn array of tags for a lead. See more at Tag.
custom_field_valuesarrayAn array of custom field values for a lead. See more at Custom Field Value.
created_atstringDate and time that the lead was created in UTC (ISO8601 format).


Stream Leads

Read the stream of lead events.

See the Firehose Overview article for more details on request and response formats and parameters.


GET /v3/leads/stream


Read the stream of lead events

GET /v3/leads/stream?position=tailAccept: application/jsonAuthorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKENUser-Agent: $CLIENT_NAME
HTTP/1.1 200 OK   Content-Type: application/json
{ "items": [    {      "data": {        "id": 4255984,        "creator_id": 190756,        "owner_id": 190756,        "first_name": "ABC",        "last_name": "XYZ",        "organization_name": null,        "status": "New",        "source_id": 134455,        "title": "CEO",        "description": null,        "industry": null,        "website": null,        "email": null,        "phone": "1234-5677",        "mobile": null,        "fax": null,        "twitter": null,        "facebook": null,        "linkedin": null,        "skype": null,        "address": {          "country": "Poland",          "city": "KRK",          "state": "",          "postal_code": "",          "line1": "street 123"        },        "tags": [          {              "data": {                "name": "ABC",                "resource_type": "lead",                "id": 512665              },              "meta": {                  "type": "tag"              }          }        ],        "custom_field_values": [          {            "value": false,            "custom_field": {                "data": {                  "name": "myField",                  "resource_type": "lead",                  "id": 29609,                  "type": "bool"                },                "meta": {                    "type": "custom_field"                }            }          }        ],        "created_at": "2016-03-15T09:13:06Z"      },      "meta": {        "event_id": "XqEROfOwTCucD-qjE1cO6w",        "event_cause": "interaction",        "sequence": 1,        "event_type": "updated",        "previous": {          "title": "123"        },        "type": "lead",        "event_time": "2016-08-18T07:29:42Z"      }    }  ],  "meta": {    "links": {      "next": ""    },    "position": "ZmlyZWhvc2UuZmFjdG9pZC5jb250YWN0LnNuYXBzaG90cywxLDMwNTQ5Mg==",    "top": false  }}