The Sales CRM (Sell) API lets you tap into Sell and build your own Sell-powered applications for the web, mobile and desktop. Sell offers three types of Web API to suit various integration needs:

Core APICreate, Read, Update and Delete Sell data through RESTful API. Search and filter through Sell data.
Sync APIKeep your local data up to date via Sell synchronization layer.
Firehose APIReceive a near real-time stream of changes in Sell data, including resource deltas, current snapshots and user information.
Search APIQuery your data entities (leads, contacts, deals) in Sell, apply custom complex filter and sort criteria, perform aggregations.

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Use the following endpoint to communicate with the api:

API Compatibility Notice

If you use or plan to use Deal decimal values in Sell and your integrations use deals, your integrations may break after introducing new API. This is because the type of Deal value will change - decimal values will be sent as strings in JSON format, which will cause type incompatibility with current format. If decimal values are not used, they will be sent as integers as before.

Warning: If you currently use decimal values in Sell and your integrations use deals, they may cause the decimal part of values to be lost when updating a deal through the API.