What is the Zendesk App Marketplace?

The Zendesk App Marketplace is where we showcase the apps that work well with our family of products. It's also where our customers discover and install apps into their Zendesk products.

The following 2 types of apps are available in the Marketplace:

Public apps

Public apps are built with the Zendesk App framework and can be installed directly from the Zendesk App Marketplace. Public apps can be offered free of charge, or can be set up as a paid app.

Integration apps

Integration apps are integrations built using our REST API and generally live in a third-party product. These apps are discoverable in the Zendesk App Marketplace but do not have components that can be installed in a Zendesk product.

So, you want to get your app in the Zendesk App Marketplace?

By now, you've either already created an app or are considering building one. The steps below guide you through the process of publishing your app and becoming a Zendesk App Marketplace partner.

  1. Request a sponsored test account

  2. Build and test your app

  3. Set up a global OAuth client

  4. Create assets

  5. Create content

  6. Set up payment options (if applicable)

  7. Register your organization

  8. Submit your app to the Apps Marketplace

  9. Follow the Zendesk marketing and PR guidelines