Sell API documentation

This page links to the Zendesk Sell API documentation. To get started, see the Sell developers welcome page.

See the following documentation to use the Sell APIs:

  • Authentication - Authenticate API requests

  • Core Sell API - Create, read, update, and delete Sell data

  • Sync API - Programmatically sync the latest Sell data

  • Firehose API - Receive a near real-time stream of changes in Sell data, including resource deltas, current snapshots, and user information

  • Search API - Access the Sell data

  • Apps API - Manage and interact with Zendesk apps

All the APIs are available on the free trial. The Core Sell API is available on the Professional, Enterprise, and Elite plan. The Firehose, Sync, and Search APIs are available with the Elite plan. For more information, see the Sell pricing page.