Migration Guide

The Zendesk SDK for Unity 2.x.x includes messaging functionalities which allows you to deliver rich, modern, and automated conversational experiences on your apps.

Migrating from version 1.x.x to 2.x.x

This SDK (2.x.x) is not compatible with the Classic Unity SDKs (1.x.x). Using both within the same app is not supported and may produce unexpected results.

The following files need to be removed from 1.x.x before importing 2.x.x:

  • Assets/Zendesk
  • Assets/Editor/ThirdParty/ZendeskTextPicEditor.cs
  • Assets/Editor/Zendesk
  • Assets/Plugins/Android/zendeskAndroidPlugin.jar
  • Assets/Plugins/iOS/ZendeskFileBrowser.mm
  • Assets/Plugins/Zendesk/FileBrowser.cs