Limitations and known issues

Incompatibility with Classic mobile SDKs: The Zendesk mobile SDK for Messaging is not compatible with the Classic mobile SDKs. Using both within the same app is not supported and may produce unexpected results.

No user authentication: It is not currently possible for a business to verify the identity of a user.

Limited conversation history: The conversation history is limited to the last 100 messages.

Limited UI customization: It is possible to modify a small set of SDK UI colors in the Admin Center. There are currently no customization options beyond this.

Conversation observers: It is not possible to retrieve data on certain aspects of the conversation, such as:

  • The availability of agents
  • The end user’s position in the queue to speak to an agent.

Limited number of supported image types: If the end user receives an image message, the only supported image types are jpeg, jpg, gif, and png. We'll increase the number of support file types in the future if there's demand for this. See here for the full list of supported file types.

iOS <=12.x Image picker doesn't respect device orientation: If the end user is selecting an image to send, the screen displayed to select the photo doesn't respect the device's orientation. See apple documentation for more information.

Can't upload images via camera: It is not currently possible to send photos directly from the camera. End-users will first need to take photos through the Camera app and access them through the Photo library.

Things to keep in mind

There are a few things to keep in mind, like modifying core frameworks and customization, that can impact accessibility when using the Zendesk SDK. For details, see common things to think about when using the Zendesk SDK.