The Zendesk Unity demo game, Match 3, showcases the integration of Unity SDK within an actual Unity game. This game doesn't have a specific winning objective.

How to play the game

To play the game:

  1. Download the game from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Open the game and click Start.

  3. Create a vertical or horizontal line of three or more matching tiles.

Requesting support

Click Contact Us to see an example of integrating Zendesk Support with your game.

To request support:

  1. Click Pause to access the player menu.

  2. Click Contact Us to start the bot conversation.

  3. Interact with the bot to get the support you need.

The bot's initial setup is configured as a test account. If you want to customize the bot with your own bot builder responses, click Configure in the game's main screen.

Configuring a customer's channel id

The channel id is a unique identifier that associates this demo app with your configuration. See Working with messaging in your Android and iOS SDKs for more information about channels and the channel id.

Note: The only channel type currently supported is Android. You can use it while testing both iOS and Android devices.

  1. Click Pause to open the player menu.

  2. Click the options menu (the three horizontal lines) to go to the game start menu.

  3. Click Configure to view the configuration screen.

  4. Choose a custom configuration, enter your channel id, and click Save.

Resetting the bot conversation

To reset the bot conversation, clear the cache. Click Clear user data in the configuration screen.