Limitations and known issues

Limitations and known issues

Incompatibility with Classic SDK: This SDK is not compatible with the Classic Unity SDKs. Using both within the same app is not supported and may produce unexpected results.

Only one instance of the SDK running at the same time: The Zendesk SDK for Unity is not designed to have multiple instances running simultaneously. You can only use one instance of the SDK at a time.

Limited conversation history: The conversation history is limited to the 100 most recent messages.

Limited UI customization: It is possible to modify a small set of SDK UI colors in the Admin Center. There are currently no customization options beyond this.

Limited number of supported image types: If the end user receives an image message, the only supported image types are jpeg, jpg, and png. See File Validation for the full list of supported file types.

File size limit: The SDK has an attachment file size limit of 50MB.

Input Manager: This version of the SDK does not support Unity's Input System Package (new). It only supports Input Manager (old) or Both.

Managed Stripping Level: This version of the SDK supports Disabled, Low and Medium.

Emoji support: This SDK does not support Emojis out of the box. But can be achieved as TextMeshPro suggests its use.

Dark Mode: This SDK does not support dark mode.