Migration Guide

The Zendesk SDK version 2.x.x and above has been upgraded in order to enable us provide flexibility in what capabilities are included in your product when you integrate the SDK. There are some new and exciting capabilities being added which will enable you to engage with your customers better.

Due to the updates mentioned above, a migration is required for any integrations that are using any version of the SDK below 2.0.0.

Migrating from version 1.x.x to 2.x.x

SDK initialization moved from the Messaging module to the Zendesk module. See Initialize the SDK for more details. Initialization snippet now accepts a factory implementation of messaging, and errors are returned as a Throwable object instead of a ZendeskError object.

The following Messaging functions have also been migrated to Zendesk.

Old New
Messaging.initialize(...) Zendesk.initialize(...)
Messaging.instance().showMessaging() Zendesk.instance.messaging.showMessaging(...)

Auto migration

You might be able to automatically migrate your initialization snippet to the most recent version using Android Studio suggestions.

The Messaging functions have been deprecated in the latest version and will be removed in a future version on Android.