Release Notes

All notable releases for the Zendesk SDK for iOS will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[2.0.0] - 2021-12-09


  • Offline banner to inform user of connectivity state with auto retries and retry button.
  • Send button animation to indicate progress of form submission.
  • Skeleton loader is displayed while images and avatars are downloading from the network.
  • Event Observer API to observe events emitted from the Zendesk SDK. See events documentation.
  • Event added that passes the unread message count when the total number of unread messages has updated.
  • API to get the total number of unread messages.
  • Text persistence for composer and form when in the background or network re-connection.
  • Form disclosure and navigation through iOS keyboard.


  • Form clearing when returning from the background.
  • Form option position displaced after error message is displayed.
  • Form not in focus after new inbound messages.
  • Animate GIFs when in full screen.


  • SDK initialization moved from the ZendeskSDKMessaging module to the ZendeskSDK module to enable flexibility as more capabilities are made available alongside messaging. See Initialize the SDK for more details.
  • Initialization snippet to accept a factory implementation of messaging.
  • Initialization errors are returned as an Error object instead of ZendeskError object.


  • ZenedeskSDKMessaging module public APIs for initialisation are now removed, use the new ZendeskSDK module public APIs instead. This is a breaking change from SDK initialization of previous versions.

[1.2.1] - 2021-10-18


  • Support for iOS 15


  • Centering small text in messages and quick replies
  • Resolved Xcode warnings

[1.2.0] - 2021-10-04


  • The ability for the end user to send images and file messages. See File Validation for all the supported file types.
  • Animation for a Form being sent.
  • Composer text is persisted through the app's lifecycle.
  • Previously sent Flow Builder messages are now translated if device locale changes.

[1.1.0] - 2021-08-24


  • HTTP response caching for REST clients.
  • Additional details were added to initialization flow errors to more easily diagnose issues.

[1.0.2] - 2021-08-10


  • FR-CA locale as a new language.


  • Quick replies not sending metadata to enable CSAT rating and fix reopening ticket issue.
  • Automatic translations not working.
  • Flickering of messages when re-opening the conversation.
  • Default avatar showing while avatar is still being loaded.
  • Vertical spacing between messages.
  • SDK default color.
  • Text message width relative to margins instead of a fixed width.
  • Send button and background screen slightly visible for a brief time on iOS 11.
  • Ordering quick replies in place as received.
  • Failed messages disappearing after reconnection.
  • Title not centered on iOS 10.
  • Carousel time since receipt label not appearing consistently in the correct location.
  • Conversation blank screen in an edge case.
  • (Forms) Multiple taps on send not updating the screen with the sent form.
  • (Forms) Time since receipt label consistently appearing in the correct location.

[1.0.1] - 2021-02-01

The initial public version of the Zendesk SDK for iOS.


  • The ability for the end-user to start a messaging conversation with your business.
  • Direct integration with Zendesk's Flow Builder for building automated conversations.
  • The ability for the end-user to receive text, image, quick reply and carousel messages.
  • The ability for the end-user to send text messages to your business.
  • The ability for your business to send a form to the end-user and have the completed form returned.
  • The ability to customize the SDK's user interface colors from Zendesk‚Äôs Admin Center.
  • Support for 33 languages, including right-to-left languages. For the full list, see Language codes for Zendesk supported languages.
  • Support for Dark theme.
  • Support for landscape mode.
  • Support for WCAG 2.1 accessibility.