Release Notes

All notable releases for the Zendesk SDK for Unity will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[2.0.0-eap4] - 06.07.2023


  • Conversation metadata, also known as conversation fields and conversation tags.
  • Functionality to enable and disable upload attachments.
  • Button Links are now supported in the SDK UI.
  • Send button animation in the composer.


  • Improvements to scrollview and message UI components.
  • User-Agent header improvements.


  • End users not being able to see the error message of unsupported file types attachments.
  • Different agents in the same conversation are grouped as one.

[2.0.0-eap3] - 19.09.2022


  • Fix an issue with the User-Agent header.
  • Fix an issue where scrollview was affected by the TimeScale.

[2.0.0-eap2] - 29.06.2022


  • Various improvements to initialization of the UI.
  • SDK logs are now disabled by default.
  • Sensitive information removed from SDK logs.

[2.0.0-eap1] - 12.06.2022

The first EAP version of the Zendesk SDK for Unity.


  • The ability for the end-user to start a messaging conversation with your business.
  • Direct integration with Zendesk's Flow Builder for building automated conversations.
  • The ability for the end-user to receive text, image, quick reply and article recomendation.
  • The ability for the end-user to send text messages to your business.
  • The ability for your business to send a form to the end-user and have the completed form returned.
  • The ability to customize the SDK's user interface colors from Zendesk‚Äôs Admin Center.
  • Support for 25 languages. For the full list, see localization.