Embeddables docs

Zendesk SDKs provide your site visitors or mobile app users with Zendesk functionality such as messaging, ticketing, knowledge base access, live chat, and talk. This page lists the reference documentation for the SDKs. For guides and tutorials, see the Develop Help Center. For questions and answers, see the Zendesk developer community.

Zendesk SDKs for messaging

The Zendesk SDKs provide customer support features such as messaging to your platforms. These SDKs are straightforward to implement, and are the best choice for most businesses who wish to provide their customers with a rich, clean messaging experience. For a more thorough introduction to messaging, check out zendesk.com/message. To get started, follow the instructions for your preferred platforms below.

Classic SDKs

Zendesk also provides a collection of Classic SDKs which are more complex to implement, but can provide customers with more advanced customization options. These SDKs include:

Zendesk also offers the ability to customize the Web Widget that appears on your web pages.

Important: The Zendesk SDKs for messaging and the Classic SDKs are not interoperable. They should not be integrated into the same applications simultaneously.


Send user and event data from your application to Zendesk Connect.

Unity SDK

Integrate Zendesk support capabilities natively into Unity projects with the Zendesk SDK for Unity: