ZIS Flows are defined in JSON and based on the Amazon States Language. The implementation of Amazon States Language in ZIS has some limitations.

Pass state

Fully supported.

Task state

Not supported. We have our own state called ZIS Actions that works similar to a Task state.

Choice state

Not all comparison operators are supported. See Choice state for supported types.

Wait state

The only supported Wait state parameter is Seconds. It specifies how long to wait before resuming execution of the State Machine. Note that any delay introduced using Wait state cannot exceed the Flow execution timeout of 100 seconds.

"wait_ten_seconds" : {  "Type" : "Wait",  "Seconds" : 10,  "Next": "NextState"}

Succeed state

Fully supported.

The state also supports an optional Message property for integration log messages. For more information, refer to Succeed state.

Fail state

Fully supported.

Parallel state

Not supported.

Map state

  • MaxConcurrency: Not supported. The state machine is executed for each item in the ItemsPath
  • Parameters: Not supported. Parameters is a way of passing additional input for each iteration. A JQ state can be used to achieve the same outcome. See Extending your first integration: Iterating over a collection
  • ItemsPath: Only supports an array of objects. For example, Map State cannot iterate over [1, "foo", "bar].

In the case of a nested Map state (a Map state containing another Map state), there is a limit of 250 state transitions in a flow.

Intrinsic functions

Not supported.


Limited support for retries. See the Flow states retry and error handling for more information.