Account Settings

JSON Format

You can access the following data describing the settings of an account. You can update the settings marked as not read-only.


Name Type Read-only Comment
header_color string no HEX of the header color
page_background_color string no HEX of the page background color
tab_background_color string no HEX of tab background color
text_color string no HEX of the text color, usually matched to contrast well with header_color
header_logo_url string yes The URL for the custom header logo
favicon_url string yes The URL for the custom favicon


Name Type Read-only Comment
use boolean yes The account can use apps
create_private boolean yes The account can create private apps


Name Type Read-only Comment
comments_public_by_default boolean no Comments from agents are public by default
is_first_comment_private_enabled boolean no Allow first comment on tickets to be private
list_newest_comments_first boolean no When viewing a ticket, show the newest comments and events first
collaboration boolean yes CCs may be added to a ticket
private_attachments boolean no Users must login to access attachments
email_attachments boolean no Attachments should be sent as real attachments when under the size limit
agent_collision boolean yes Clients should provide an indicator when a ticket is being viewed by another agent
list_empty_views boolean no Clients should display Views with no matching Tickets in menus
maximum_personal_views_to_list number yes Maximum number of personal Views clients should display in menus
tagging boolean no Tickets may be tagged
markdown_ticket_comments boolean no Whether agent comments should be processed with Markdown
emoji_autocompletion boolean no Whether agent comments should allow for Emoji rendering
agent_ticket_deletion boolean no Whether agents can delete tickets


Name Type Read-only Comment
agent_workspace boolean no Toggles the Agent Workspace experience


Name Type Read-only Comment
enabled boolean yes Chat is enabled
maximum_requests number yes The maximum number of chat requests an agent may handle at one time
welcome_message string yes The message automatically sent to end-users when they begin chatting with an agent


Name Type Read-only Comment
shorten_url string yes Possible values: 'always', 'optional', 'never'

G Suite

Name Type Read-only Comment
has_google_apps boolean yes
has_google_apps_admin boolean no Account has at least one G Suite admin


Name Type Read-only Comment
enabled boolean yes Voice is enabled
maintenance boolean yes
logging boolean yes
outbound_enabled boolean yes
agent_confirmation_when_forwarding boolean yes
agent_wrap_up_after_calls boolean yes
maximum_queue_size number yes
maximum_queue_wait_time number yes
only_during_business_hours boolean yes
recordings_public boolean yes
uk_mobile_forwarding boolean yes


Name Type Read-only Comment
tagging boolean no Users may be tagged
time_zone_selection boolean yes Whether user can view time zone for profile
language_selection boolean yes Whether to display language drop down for a user
agent_created_welcome_emails boolean no Whether a user created by an agent receives a welcome email
end_user_phone_number_validation boolean no Whether a user's phone number is validated
have_gravatars_enabled boolean no Whether user gravatars are displayed in the UI


Name Type Read-only Comment
enabled boolean yes GoodData Advanced Analytics is enabled


Name Type Read-only Comment
default_brand_id number no The id of the brand that is assigned to tickets by default
require_brand_on_new_tickets boolean no Require agents to select a brand before saving tickets


Name Type Read-only Comment
forum boolean yes Allow users to view forum statistics
search boolean yes Allow users to view search statistics


Name Type Read-only Comment
backend string yes Backend Billing system either 'internal' or 'zuora'


Name Type Read-only Comment
on_hold_status boolean yes Account can use status hold
user_tagging boolean no Enable user tags
ticket_tagging boolean no Allow tagging tickets
topic_suggestion boolean yes Allow topic suggestions in tickets
voice boolean yes Voice support
facebook_login boolean yes
google_login boolean yes
twitter_login boolean yes
forum_analytics boolean yes Forum and search analytics
business_hours boolean no
agent_forwarding boolean yes
chat boolean yes
chat_about_my_ticket boolean yes
customer_satisfaction boolean no
satisfaction_prediction boolean no
csat_reason_code boolean yes
markdown boolean yes Markdown in ticket comments
bcc_archiving boolean yes Account has a bcc_archive_address set
allow_ccs boolean yes Allow CCs on tickets
advanced_analytics boolean yes
insights boolean yes
explore boolean yes Has account plan setting 'explore'
good_data_and_explore boolean yes Has account plan setting 'good_data_and_explore'
explore_on_support_pro_plan boolean yes Allowed to show explore role controls
sandbox boolean yes Account has a sandbox
suspended_ticket_notification boolean yes
twitter boolean yes Account monitors at least one Twitter handle
facebook boolean yes Account is actively linked to at least one Facebook page
feedback_tabs boolean yes Feedback tab has been configured before
dynamic_contents boolean yes Account has at least one dynamic content
light_agents boolean yes Account has at least one light agent
is_abusive boolean yes Account exceeded trial limits
rich_content_in_email boolean yes Account supports incoming HTML email
fallback_composer boolean yes Fallback composer for Asian languages


Name Type Read-only Comment
accepted_api_agreement boolean no Account has accepted the API agreement
api_password_access boolean no Allow the account to use the API with username/password
api_token_access boolean no Allow the account to use the API with API tokens


Name Type Read-only Comment
ticket_forms_instructions string no


Name Type Read-only Comment
prefer_lotus boolean yes Prefers the current version of Zendesk Support rather than Zendesk Classic

Ticket Sharing Partners

Name Type Read-only Comment
support_addresses object yes Array of support addresses for all accepted sharing agreement accounts


Name Type Read-only Comment
macro_most_used boolean no Display the most-used macros in the Apply macro list. Defaults to true
macro_order string no Default macro display order. Possible values are 'alphabetical' or 'position'
skill_based_filtered_views object no Array of view ids


Name Type Read-only Comment
attachment_size number yes The maximum ticket attachment file size (in bytes)


Name Type Read-only Comment
account_size string yes An account size category computed from the number of billable agents


Name Type Read-only Comment
locale_ids array no Array of locale IDs enabled for the account. See Locales for possible values
"settings": {
  "branding": {
    "header_color": "1A00C3",
    "page_background_color": "333333",
    "tab_background_color": "3915A2",
    "text_color": "FFFFFF",
    "header_logo_url": "/path/to/header_logo.png",
    "favicon_url": "/path/to/favicon.png",
  "apps": {
    "use":            true,
    "create_private": true,
    "create_public":  true
  "tickets": {
    "comments_public_by_default":     true,
    "list_newest_comments_first":     true,
    "collaboration":                  true,
    "private_attachments":            true,
    "email_attachments":              true,
    "agent_collision":                true
    "list_empty_views":               true,
    "maximum_personal_views_to_list": 12,
    "tagging":                        true,
    "markdown_ticket_comments":       false
  "agents": {
    "agent_workspace": true,
  "chat": {
    "maximum_request_count": 5,
    "welcome_message":       "Hello, how may I help you?",
    "enabled":               true
  "voice": {
    "enabled":     true,
    "maintenance": false,
    "logging":     true
  "twitter": {
    "shorten_url": "optional"
  "google_apps": {
    "has_google_apps": false,
  "user": {
    "tagging": true,
    "time_zone_selection": true,
    "language_selection": true,
    "end_user_phone_number_validation": false,
    "have_gravatars_enabled": false
  "billing": {
    "backend": 'internal'
  "brands": {
    "default_brand_id": 47
  "active_features": {
    "on_hold_status":                true,
    "user_tagging":                  true,
    "ticket_tagging":                true,
    "topic_suggestion":              true,
    "voice":                         true,
    "business_hours":                true,
    "facebook_login":                true,
    "google_login":                  true,
    "twitter_login":                 true,
    "forum_analytics":               true,
    "agent_forwarding":              true,
    "chat":                          true,
    "chat_about_my_ticket":          true,
    "customer_satisfaction":         true,
    "csat_reason_code":              true,
    "markdown":                      true,
    "bcc_archiving":                 true,
    "allow_ccs":                     true,
    "advanced_analytics":            true,
    "sandbox":                       true,
    "suspended_ticket_notification": true,
    "twitter":                       true,
    "facebook":                      true,
    "feedback_tabs":                 true,
    "dynamic_contents":              true,
    "light_agents":                  true,
    "explore":                       true,
    "explore_on_support_pro_plan":   true,
    "good_data_and_explore":         false,
    "fallback_composer":             false,
  "ticket_sharing_partners": {
    "support_addresses": [
      "[email protected]"
  "api": {
    "accepted_api_agreement": true
    "api_password_access":    true
    "api_token_access":       true
  "rule": {
    "macro_most_used": true,
    "macro_order": "alphabetical",
    "skill_based_filtered_views": []
  "limits": {
    "attachment_size": 20971520
  "cdn": {
    "cdn_provider": "default",
    "fallback_cdn_provider": "cloudfront"
  "metrics": {
    "account_size": "1-99"

Show Settings

GET /api/v2/account/settings.json

Shows the settings that are available for the account.

Allowed For:
  • Agents
Using curl
curl https://{subdomain} \
  -v -u {email_address}:{password}
Example Response
Status: 200 OK

  "settings": {
    "apps": {.. },
    "tickets": { ...  },
    "chat": { ... },
    "twitter": { ... },
    "users": { ... }

Update Account Settings

PUT /api/v2/account/settings.json

Updates settings for the account. See JSON Format above for the settings you can update.

Allowed For
  • Admins
Using curl
curl https://{subdomain} \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT \
  -d '{ "settings": { "active_features": { "customer_satisfaction": false }}}' \
  -v -u {email_address}:{password}
Example Response
Status: 200 OK

  "settings": {
    "active_features": {
      "customer_satisfaction": false,