Authorized Global Clients

JSON Format

Authorized global OAuth2 clients are represented with the following attributes:

Name Type Read-only Mandatory Comment
id integer yes no Automatically assigned when the client is created
name string yes no The name of the client
identifier string yes no The unique identifier for the client
company string yes no The company that users are asked to approve access to.
description string yes no A short description of the client
logo_url string yes no The API logo url of this record
  "id":           1,
  "name":         "Global Client",
  "identifier":   "global_client",
  "company":      "Zendesk",
  "description":  "Zendesk global Client",
  "logo_url":     ""

List Authorized Global Clients

GET /api/v2/oauth/global_clients.json

This returns all the global clients that users on your account have authorized.

Allowed for
  • Admins
Using curl
curl https://{subdomain} \
  -v -u {email_address}:{password}
Example Response
Status: 200

  "global_clients": [
      "id": 223443,
      "name": "Stats Widget",
      "id": 8678530,
      "name": "Zendesk Mobile",