Building your first integration - Part 2: Obtaining an OAuth token

OAuth 2.0 is an industry-wide authorization protocol standard. ZIS relies on OAuth 2.0 for securing access to data. To use any ZIS service, you must first obtain a ZIS OAuth token using the ZIS Connections API.

This tutorial is the second part of a series on building your first integration:

In this tutorial, you'll go through the steps to obtain a ZIS OAuth token using Postman, an API testing tool. See Exploring Zendesk APIs with Postman. You can also use the same approach with other API clients that support OAuth 2.0.

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The Zendesk OAuth client's identifier and secret when you created the integration name in the previous tutorial.

Obtaining an OAuth token

The OAuth token is used to make authenticated requests to ZIS in the next tutorial.

To obtain an OAuth token

  1. In Postman, create a new request and leave the request URL empty for now.

  2. Select the Authorization tab.

  3. In the Type dropdown option, select OAuth 2.0.

  4. In the Add authorization data to dropdown option, select Request URL.

  5. Complete the Configure New Token section with the following information:

    Field Value
    Token Name A token name. Example: "my ZIS token"
    Grant Type Authorization Code
    Callback URL (Leave the "Authorize using browser" checkbox unchecked)
    Auth URL https://<SUBDOMAIN>
    Access Token URL https://<SUBDOMAIN>
    Client ID The client's identifier returned after registering the integration. This is a string starting with zis_
    Client Secret The client's secret returned after registering the integration
    Scope read write (See Using OAuth authentication with your application to learn more about Zendesk OAuth scopes)
    State Leave it empty
    Client Authentication Send as Basic Auth header

    Replace <SUBDOMAIN> with your Zendesk subdomain.

    Here's an example of what your setup should look like:

    We recommend using environment variables in Postman to safely manage sensitive data.

  6. Click Get New Access Token. A popup window will take you through the OAuth flow. Once completed, another window will display the newly obtained access token. Example:

  7. Click Use Token in the upper-right corner. Now you are ready to make requests and interact with ZIS.

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