Building a Sell app using OAuth 2.0 - Part 4: Creating audiences in Mailchimp

In the previous tutorial, you registered your app client with Mailchimp and went through the OAuth authorization flow. In this tutorial, you'll create an audience in Mailchimp so you can retrieve it in your app.

This tutorial covers Subscribing a contact to an audience

This tutorial is part of a series on building a Zendesk app:

Subscribing a contact to an audience

In Mailchimp, audiences and contacts are the two most fundamental parts of marketing. A contact contains user information including a name and email address. An audience is a list of contacts to which you send campaigns.

Later on in this tutorial series, we’ll use the Mailchimp API Lists endpoint to fetch audiences for a given user. But first, you'll need to create an audience and add a contact in Mailchimp.

Create an audience and add a contact

  1. Create at least one audience. See Create an audience in the Mailchimp documentation. If your Mailchimp account is on the free plan, you can only create one audience.

  2. Add a subscriber to the audience. Make sure the subscriber has an email address which matches the email address of a person contact in your Zendesk Sell instance. See Add a Single Subscriber to an Audience in the Mailchimp documentation.

  3. In the Audience > All contacts page, select the Overview tab. You should see that your audience has one subscribed contact.

The final step involves getting audience data from the Mailchimp API. Let's continue to Part 5 - Getting data from the Mailchimp API.