This section provides a list of terms used in Zendesk apps.


An application that extends or enhances the functionality of Zendesk products.

App locations

An app lives in one or multiple locations in the Zendesk product UI (for example, the ticket sidebar in Zendesk Support). The locations are specified in the app's manifest.json file.

App manifest

A manifest.json file that specifies app-specific metadata for an app. It also includes the locations where the app appears in the Zendesk products.

App requirements

Zendesk resources, such as ticket fields or targets, required for an app to work properly. You declare these resources as requirements in a requirements.json file in the app's root directory. When an admin installs the app, Zendesk creates the resources in the admin's account. App requirements only work with Support and Sell apps.

Channel Framework

An integration framework that brings external customer communications into Zendesk Support to build a two-way ticket creation service. External customer communication examples include ratings and reviews in Yelp, app stores, Amazon or Ebay, content in Reddit or Quora communities, and social media channels such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Closed preview app

An app that is only available to selected customers by invitation from the app developer. They are not available publicly on the Zendesk Marketplace. A closed preview app can become a public app.

Integration apps

Integration apps are integrations built using the Zendesk REST API and generally live in a third-party product. These apps are discoverable in the Zendesk Marketplace, but do not have components that can be installed in a Zendesk product.

Marketplace Portal

The portal at to submit or update apps, create a partner profile, or manage app reviews.

Multi-product app

An app that:

  • is designed to work in multiple Zendesk products, but is packaged and submitted as one zip file
  • has a unique app ID
  • is installed separately into each product from the Zendesk Marketplace
  • has separate app detail pages on the Zendesk Marketplace for each product

Paid app

A public app or closed preview app that the developer charges for either via a one-off payment or a subscription-based payment.

Private app

An app that exists only in one customer instance, manually uploaded and installed. They are not available on the Zendesk Marketplace.

Public app

An app that is available from the Zendesk Marketplace. They are available to Zendesk Support and Chat customers on the Zendesk Suite Team plan or above.

Zendesk Apps framework (ZAF)

A framework that lets you add features or build integrations within a Zendesk product. Apps run in iframes in the product so you can build apps with a variety of technologies including server-side technologies. The framework also gives apps access to various product resources using APIs across supported Zendesk products.


A JavaScript SDK that makes it easier to make calls to the Zendesk App Framework.

Zendesk Apps Tools (ZAT)

A collection of command-line tools that simplify building and deploying Zendesk apps. The tools lets you create, test, validate, and package your apps locally.

Note: ZAT is in maintenance mode. For the best experience, use the Zendesk Command Line Interface (ZCLI) to develop Zendesk apps.

Zendesk Command Line Interface (ZCLI)

A command-line tool for developing Zendesk apps. You can use ZCLI to build, test, and package Zendesk apps locally. ZCLI replaces the Zendesk Apps Tools (ZAT), which are in maintenance mode.

Zendesk Marketplace

The place where you can search and discover new apps, integrations, and partners.