Learn about building Zendesk apps

Learn about building apps with the Zendesk Apps framework.

Zendesk apps resources

Choose your own app adventure

Best practices for Zendesk apps developers

How Apps framework client.request works

Zendesk app quick start

Demo apps

Set up your system to develop apps

Learn how to set up your system to start building apps.

Getting a trial or sponsored account for development

System prep for app developers 1: Setting up your command-line interface

System prep for app developers 2: Managing Ruby versions

System prep for app developers 3: Installing Node.js

Understand how to build, test, and upload apps

Understand the processes and requirements for building, testing, and uploading an app to Zendesk.

App developer guide

Testing a Zendesk app that uses app requirements or secure requests

Uploading and installing a private app

Build your first app

Get hands-on experience building your first Zendesk app.

Build your first Support app

Build your first Chat app

Build your first Sell app


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