Deploying apps


If you'd like to make your app available for public use, you must meet a few branding requirements before we can list it in the Zendesk Marketplace. For details, see Create app brand assets.

After you've gathered the required branding assets, you can submit your app for review. See Submit your app.


After developing and testing an app, you can upload it to your Zendesk product so agents can start using it.

To upload and install private Support apps, you must have the Zendesk Suite Growth plan or above, or the Support Professional plan and above.

To upload and install private Chat apps, you must have Zendesk Chat on the Zendesk Suite Growth plan or above. The Chat account must also be linked to a Zendesk Support account.

To upload and install private Sell apps, you must have Zendesk Sell on the Sell Growth plan or above. The Sell account must also be linked to a Zendesk Support account.

For instructions, see Uploading and installing your private app in Zendesk Support.

To get a free account for testing and debugging apps, see Getting a trial or sponsored account for development.

Zendesk strongly recommends using the Zendesk Command Line Interface (ZCLI) to validate and package your apps for uploading.

If you built a private app that other Zendesk users might find useful, submit it for the Zendesk Marketplace. To submit your app for approval, see

All apps must be uploaded in a zip format, and certain files must be included. See File requirements.

If you run into any uploading problems, we're happy to help in the Zendesk Apps framework (ZAF) community.

App Internationalization

Internationalization is left to the app developer. However, you must provide a translations/en.json file. See File requirements for the Zendesk Marketplace.

Note: For a simple example of app localization using basic starter files, see Localizing a Support app. If your app uses React, we recommend using the i18n module in the Zendesk React app scaffold. For information about the module, see Using the i18n module on GitHub.

The en.json has a required "app" object that must contain the following 4 keys:

  • name - the name of your app
  • short_description - a short (no more than 80 characters) description shown next to the logo.
  • long_description - a long (3000 characters) description shown when looking at the specific app's page.
  • installation_instructions - content telling the user how to install the app (3000 characters).

These keys provide the content for your app on the Zendesk Marketplace.

You can also optionally provide:

  • parameters - provides friendly text for each configuration parameter defined in the manifest.json.
    • label - renames the label of the parameter
    • helpText - provides more detail on how to use this parameter. Supports Markdown.

Example en.json:

{  "app": {    "name": "Bookmarks",    "short_description": "Quickly see your products",    "long_description": "Access bookmarked tickets from our iPad & iPhone app",    "installation_instructions": "Simply click the install button",    "parameters": {      "disable_conflicts_prevention": {        "label": "Remove conflict prevention warnings",        "helpText": "Check this to not show warnings when a conflict happens"      }    }  }}

Note: Only the English versions of the name, short_description, long_description, and installation_instructions are used on the Zendesk Marketplace.