Using Zendesk Command Line (ZCLI)

ZCLI is in open beta. It is fully supported by Zendesk, but may change at any time.

ZCLI is the Zendesk command-line interface, and contains tools that simplify building and deploying Zendesk apps. The tools let you create, test, validate, and package your apps locally.


Before installing ZCLI, you must have Node.js v12 or above installed. Download the Node.js source code or package at

If you are using Linux, depending on your distribution, you will also need to run one of the following commands:

  • Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install libsecret-1-dev
  • Red Hat-based: sudo yum install libsecret-devel
  • Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S libsecret

Installing and updating ZCLI

ZCLI is installed using npm (Node Package Manager). npm is installed with Node.js. To verify that npm was installed correctly, run npm -v in any folder.

To install ZCLI, run the following command:

$ npm install @zendesk/zcli -g

To update your ZCLI to the latest version, run the same installation command. ZCLI will warn you if your installed version is out of date.


To authenticate with your Zendesk account, run the following command and enter your details such as subdomain, email, and password:

$ zcli login -i

The following commands need access to your Zendesk account: apps:create, apps:update, apps:validate, and apps:package.

If password access is disabled for your account, you can use an API token instead of a password. If you do, the username must be in the format [email protected]/token. See API token in the REST API docs.

ZCLI saves your authentication information securely in the keystore of your operating system.

If you use an API token instead of password, you should enter your authentication details as below:

Subdomain: your_subdomainEmail: [email protected]/tokenPassword: [TOKEN]

To remove authentication credentials or the current profile you can run the following command:

$ zcli logout


For the full list of commands for ZCLI while in beta, see the documentation in the ZCLI source code repository.