Troubleshooting Zendesk mobile SDK issues can be difficult. You need a lot of up-front information from your development team to troubleshoot a problem, and the nature of mobile development introduces many variables that makes diagnosing issues harder. To make the process smoother, this document offers guidelines for submitting a ticket to Zendesk Customer Support.

Include as much basic SDK information as possible

The information should include:

SDK version

This is necessary for our Customer Support team and developers to scope the issue. If the issue started after upgrading to a more recent version, include that information.

Operating system version

Often, issues are scoped to specific Android/iOS versions. Please include the OS versions you are testing with.

Logger results

Each section of documentation for our SDKs has a code snippet under “Debugging” or “Advanced topics” to add to your project to enable verbose logging. Enable it when reproducing the issue and provide any related logs when submitting a ticket. See the links below for the snippets:



Initialization code

It is almost always helpful to include your initialization code to see how and when you’re starting up the SDK.

Related code

Any code related to the issue. For example, if there’s a problem when loading articles, include the function that invokes SDK article methods. 


When did the issue start? Has it always been an issue? Include a date when the behavior changed. Also include if the issue coincided with any code changes, such as an upgrade to a new version of a Zendesk SDK, other dependencies, or a change to your code.

Reproduce the issue in a sample app

There are up-to-date sample app repos for the Support, Chat, and Answer Bot SDKs. If you’re experiencing an issue such as a crash, UI display issues, authentication problems, or missing data or functionality (such as articles not appearing or triggers not firing), see if you can reproduce in the corresponding sample app first. This will reduce variables unique to your app, and eliminate possible dependency conflicts. 

iOS sample mobile apps: (Support, Answer Bot and Chat)

Android sample mobile apps: (has modules for Support, Answer Bot and Chat)

If you can reproduce the issue in a sample app, outline the steps you took to do so, and include any code that you added or modified to reproduce the problem.

If you can’t reproduce the issue in a sample app, try creating a small example app that demonstrates the issue. See the next guideline for details.

Create an example app that demonstrates the issue

If you’re unable to reproduce the issue in a sample app, provide an example app that has the minimum possible code to reproduce the problem. For example, if there’s a conflict with another dependency, strip the app of everything except the SDK, the other dependency, and whatever code or UI is required to demonstrate the problem. 

Important: This step is very important. Due to the nature of custom development efforts, the Zendesk Customer Support and engineering teams do not troubleshoot and debug production applications. There are too many variables involved to productively diagnose the issue. We need sample applications that demonstrate just the problem.

Submit the ticket

After collecting all the information, please follow the steps in this article to submit your ticket: Contacting Zendesk customer support

Hopefully these points are helpful in getting started when submitting tickets to Zendesk. Following these guidelines allow us to analyze issues more quickly.