Known issues

Current minor issues

  • If your Help Center is restricted, inline images in articles will not load, even if you have registered ZDKAuthenticationURLProtocol protocol.
  • Minor issues surrounding sent label not updating in the RequestController in some cases.
  • iCloud cancel button takes tint color of navbar, not visible with white navBar tint color due to Apple bug.

Known broken releases

Versions 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 of the Support SDK for iOS were bugged releases caused by a change in our release process. The artifacts have been pulled. These versions are unsupported and should not be used.

Maximum number of results in HelpCenterOverviewController

The network response that powers HelpCenterOverviewController has a maximum of 11 categories, with a maximum of 10 sections for each category. Each section in the response has a maximum of 5 articles, and a "See all articles" button is added if there are more sections in the back-end. Tapping the button will load any remaining articles into the section.

These limits were chosen to ensure maximum reliability and scalability while still meeting the needs of the majority of our customers. If your Help Center has more categories or sections than these limits will allow, consider prioritizing the most important content for mobile and filtering for labels, sections, or categories when configuring HelpCenterActivity.

App transport security

If you are hosting Help Center content externally you may need to whitelist the URLs in your app's Info.Plist for it to display. This is because of App Transport Security.

Identity type unchecked

In older versions of the Support SDK, the local identity type was never checked against the type set in the Mobile SDK admin dashboard on Zendesk Support. This meant that mismatched identity types did not fail as intended, and led to inconsistent behaviour without clear errors. This issue was fixed in version 3.0.0.

Mac Catalyst

The library can be compiled when Mac Catalyst is enabled, however, Mac Catalyst is not supported.