Hiding the Chat widget on mobile devices

Note: This guide applies only to the Chat widget from Chat-only accounts, not from Chat+Support accounts. See About Chat account types in Zendesk help.

You can hide the Chat widget from visitors on mobile devices.

  1. Paste the following script tag in the head of the page or pages that have the widget.

    <script type="text/javascript">var ua = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(), platform = navigator.platform.toLowerCase();platformName = ua.match(/ip(?:ad|od|hone)/) ? 'ios' : (ua.match(/(?:webos|android)/) || platform.match(/mac|win|linux/) || ['other'])[0],isMobile = /ios|android|webos/.test(platformName);
    if (!isMobile) {
        //place your chat embed code here without the <script> tags

    The first part of the script determines whether or not the web client is a mobile device. The second part displays the widget only if it's not a mobile device.

  2. Move the widget embed code to the location in the script above.

    In this case, remove the script tags that normally enclose the embed code.