Migration Guide

The Unified SDK marks a huge change from our earlier versions of the Support SDK and Answer Bot SDK. MessagingActivity is now the central UI element of the suite of Zendesk mobile SDKs, and is the preferred method for interacting with Support and Answer Bot.

Migrating to Messaging 5.3.0

Messaging: 5.3.0 introduced a few changes within the SDK. The following tables list the changes made from the old to new package name in Messaging and Messaging API. Note: messaging doesn't refer to the messaging channel, this is the name of the Classic SDK UI.

Messaging Module

Old package nameNew package name

Messaging API Module

Old package nameNew package name

Migrating Answer Bot SDK

AnswerBotActivity has been removed. If you were using AnswerBotActivity, you should now use MessagingActivity with an instance of AnswerBotEngine.

See Answer Bot Engine for details on how to do this.

AnswerBotUiConfig has been removed. The configuration options on AnswerBotUiConfig are now available on MessagingConfiguration:

Configuration messagingConfig = new MessagingConfiguration.Builder()                .withBotAvatarDrawable(R.drawable.my_bot_avatar)                .withBotLabelString("My bot name")                .config(context);

Migrating Support SDK

UiConfigs renamed to Configurations

The zendesk.commonui.UiConfig interface has been replaced with zendesk.configurations.Configuration, and the UiConfig subclasses have been renamed to use "Configuration" instead, as follows:

Old nameNew name

withDeflectionEnabled() replaced by withEngines()

The withDeflectionEnabled() method which was available on HelpCenterUiConfig.Builder and ViewArticleUiConfig.Builder has been removed. Use the new withEngines methods instead, along with instances of AnswerBotEngine and SupportEngine.

Old methodNew method
HelpCenterActivity.builder().withDeflectionEnabled(true);HelpCenterActivity.builder().withEngines(AnswerBotEngine.engine(), SupportEngine.engine());
ViewArticleActivity.builder().withDeflectionEnabled(true);ViewArticleActivity.builder().withEngines(AnswerBotEngine.engine(), SupportEngine.engine());

Support SDK Activities

All the Support SDK's activities (RequestActivity, RequestListActivity, HelpCenterActivity and ViewArticleActivity) are still available. Any existing integration with these activities in your app should still continue to function as they did on previous versions of Support SDK.

To use the Unified SDK for simple ticket creation, use MessagingActivity with an instance of SupportEngine, as described in Support Engine. Unified SDK can not currently be used to show or update an existing ticket. You should continue to use RequestActivity to do this.

Moving to MessagingActivity for ticket creation also allows you to make use of Answer Bot for deflection before the ticket has been created. See Answer Bot Engine for details.