Known issues and limitations

  • The messaging screen doesn't show bot or agent avatars.
  • The library can be compiled when Mac Catalyst is enabled, however, Mac Catalyst is not supported.


For issues related to SwiftUI integration and ways to address them, see SwiftUI Integration.

Only one instance of each SDK running at the same time

Each of the Classic SDKs can only be run in one instance at at time. This means that you can only have one instance of the Support SDK and one instance of the Chat SDK running at once.

Switching the SDK configuration at runtime

If you change the Support configuration or Chat account key at runtime, be aware that this is not supported. While it is possible to initialize with one configuration/account and initialize again with another one during runtime, we do not support such a configuration.

Attachment behavior changes with Agent Workspace in Chat SDK

When moving your account to Agent Workspace, be aware that this will slightly change the way attachments behave in Chat SDK. The files received won't be opened directly, but will rather be opened via a browser in order to be downloaded. This doesn't affect images that will still be rendered directly in the Chat UI.

Text formatting unsupported

The classic Chat and Support SDKs do not support Markdown formatting. Some formatting may work but we do not test nor develop this. If you want to use Markdown formatting in your ticket, be aware that the results may differ between iOS and Android when opened through the Support SDK.